Saturday, April 30, 2016

Support the Zombie with a Shotgun movie project!

Hilton Ariel Ruiz creator of the web series Zombie with a Shotgun and is now ready to produce a full length movie based on that series! help support getting this movie getting made by donating to this project here: Check out more about the project below!

Are you guys tired of the same old zombie projects where the humans need to survive the zombie apocalypse or when humans fight each other and the story isn't about the zombies at all???

Zombie with a Shotgun is going to be that zombie film where all the rules we know about zombie films go right out the window.

In this Zombie film, the zombie will be the hero and it will have others (zombies) to help out on the war against the humans. The story follows Aaron who isn't sure if he is infected with the zombie virus or some other infection. He takes this journey with his girlfriend Rachel and his shotgun where they both find out the deep secrets among the zombie virus and their love life.

This project will have what Zombie and Horror fans been waiting for...

We love to tell you more, but we need your help to raise at least $50,000.00 to have the movie made and delivered to you guys.

We love for you to see how this all started when Zombie with a Shotgun was first created into a web-series. Please take a look and I hope you all can enjoy and help us reach this goal.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Trailer for the horror movie "The Darkness"

The horror movie The Darkness is based on what are said to be actual events about a family who visit the Grand Canyon and bring home a supernatural force that feeds off their fears and takes over their lives. The Darkness is slated to be released May 13, 2016.

Trailer for Horror Movie "Lights Out"

A woman is haunted by a creature that only appears when the lights go out. Lights Out is scheduled to be released on July 22, 2016 through Warner Bros. Pictures.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Anguish Movie Trailer (Horror - 2016)

After moving to a new town with her mother (Annika Marks), a teenager (Ryan Simpkins) becomes possessed by the spirit of a hit-and-run victim (Amberley Gridley). Anguish is available at iTunes, Amazon Video, Youtube, Vudu, and Google play.

Horror book of the day: The Very Devil Herself by Loren Molloy

Beginning in the late 1600s we follow Alexandra on a journey through history which is filled with blood, fear, and terror. Alexandra is a supernatural creature who must feast on human flesh and blood to survive. For over 200 years this immortal woman has to prowl the dirty streets of London in search of her next victim until the King of England decides to employ her special skills to hunt real life serial killers for his needs instead.


Saturday, April 9, 2016

Horror book of the day: Cold Hollow by Emilie J. Howard

The Barner family relocates to Cold Hollow, a quaint town nestled in a Vermont mountain range. They find it to be quite charming and the inhabitants endearing, except for a few residents. Odd laws are enforced, confrontations begin, and insanity reigns as a madman sits upon his imaginary throne, trying to keep the threads of his dream from unraveling. Will Sophia and Angus Barner be able to protect their children from the malevolence that lurks within the small township? This is the story of Cold Hollow, a place you’ll never want to visit.


Kindle________ Paperback

Fear The Walking Dead: Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew.

Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew of Fear the Walking Dead to find out what to expect in Season 2.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Walking Dead Finale: 3 Reasons I Believe Negan Killed Abraham

I'm sure many of you saw The Walking Dead's Season 6 finale and are still pissed or waiting on pins and needles for October. Many of you sick puppies wanted to see a major character die and of course we didn't see who got "Lucilled."

But I have my own theory and that theory is that Negan killed Abraham. Why? Well read on for three reasons why.

1. It's his time. Abraham has already lasted longer than the character did in the comic books and the character seems to have run his course. He is more or less part of a comedic duo with Eugene.

2. If you want to scare and intimidate a group who do you go after first? The biggest and baddest of the group. Abraham showed how bad assed he was by actually rising up (well as much as he could) when Negan approached him. Beating Abraham to death would put fear into the others who see him as the toughest SOB in the group.

3. After being hit with "Lucille", the victim rises back up causing Negan to say, "Taking it like a champ."

I can only see Abraham being able to rise back up like that. The others may not have been knocked out, but I can't see any of them being strong enough to take that blow and rise back up like that.

So what do you think about my theory?

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Trailer for Paradox

A group of young scientists are working on a secret project that may allow them to travel ahead in time. They test it by sending one of their own ahead one hour. He returns pleading with them to shut it down, explaining that within that hour, they will all die.

Trailer for The Offering

“Momentum Pictures is proud to reveal the terrifying theatrical trailer and official poster artwork to the new horror feature THE OFFERING, coming to select U.S. theaters and VOD nationwide May 6th, 2016!

When successful reporter Jamie (Elizabeth Rice) finds out that her sister has died mysteriously, she travels to Singapore to uncover the truth. There, she discovers multiple deaths linked to her sister and must join forces with her sister’s husband (Matthew Settle) in order to defeat a demonic entity that is using new technology to complete an ancient mission.”