Tuesday, October 11, 2016

There could have been a Blade and Underworld crossover?!?!

If the creators of Underworld had their way we could have had a Blade/Underorld crossover. That's right Blade and Selene would have been kicking vampire ass on the big screen.

Bloodydisgusting.com reports:

When it comes to vampire slayers, the list of iconic names is rather short. There’s obviously Van Helsing, Buffy, and D but you’d have to venture into serious fandom to find people who can name folk like Peter Vincent or Rayne. But in the middle of those two categories are the vampire hunters who have attained some measure of pop culture success. It’s here that we find Selene of Underworld fame and Blade, the titular character of his own series.

Now, there’s apparently been a movement to get these two film franchises to do a crossover, much like how A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th came together in Freddy vs. Jason. That idea wasn’t just something fans were eager to see. It turns out that the creators behind the Underworld films wanted to see that happen as well, which is why they explored that possibility. Alas, they ran into the biggest of roadblocks, according to star Kate Beckinsale, who told audiences at a New York Comic Con panel, “No. We had that idea. No. [Marvel is] doing something with ‘Blade’.”