Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Walking Dead Finale: 3 Reasons I Believe Negan Killed Abraham

I'm sure many of you saw The Walking Dead's Season 6 finale and are still pissed or waiting on pins and needles for October. Many of you sick puppies wanted to see a major character die and of course we didn't see who got "Lucilled."

But I have my own theory and that theory is that Negan killed Abraham. Why? Well read on for three reasons why.

1. It's his time. Abraham has already lasted longer than the character did in the comic books and the character seems to have run his course. He is more or less part of a comedic duo with Eugene.

2. If you want to scare and intimidate a group who do you go after first? The biggest and baddest of the group. Abraham showed how bad assed he was by actually rising up (well as much as he could) when Negan approached him. Beating Abraham to death would put fear into the others who see him as the toughest SOB in the group.

3. After being hit with "Lucille", the victim rises back up causing Negan to say, "Taking it like a champ."

I can only see Abraham being able to rise back up like that. The others may not have been knocked out, but I can't see any of them being strong enough to take that blow and rise back up like that.

So what do you think about my theory?

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