Saturday, February 20, 2016

Horror book of the day: the Binding by Rob Dilauro

This terrifying tale intertwines two families and a legacy that is truly the beginning of the end.

Jason Cain unexpectedly meets his wife, Elizabeth Rinehart, in the early half of 2002. The life they come to as successful writers and husband and wife comes to a fated and tragic end.

In the early 80's, Susan Rogers, a young high school girl with a broken home is forced by her mysterious mother to live a horrifying future with her physically and mentally abusive husband, as well as the father of her child. Her true legacy will change her own life and the future of civilization.

Human pawns collide in a vicious game of chess as man's hourglass runs out of sand. Jason is tricked into reciting a spell meant to bring back his estranged son and lost love. The women of the world become a possessed, murderous legion controlled by a powerful and resurrected witch named Sara; a creature hell-bent on bringing the world of men to an end.

Who is the one to convince Jason Cain to rest his faith in the supernatural? How are these two families connected? Who will survive the wrath of Sara and will she succeed in her global end-game?

"The Binding" is an epic journey of pain, drama, non-stop action, truly a dark story that will leave horror fans spellbound until the conclusion.