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By George L. Cook III

By George L. Cook III
Copyright © 2016 George L. Cook III

Arioch: Demon of Vengeance. This demon occupies himself only with vengeance in particular cases where he is summoned for that purpose.

Newell Nebraska 2016

Ben drove his old beaten up Ford Taurus through the entrance of the trailer park and parked alongside his trailer.

Before Ben could squeeze his rather large self out of the car a local drunk, Willie a skinny middle aged black guy was standing by the car. “Hey, Ben.”

Ben was busy climbing out of the car. “What the fuck do you want Willie, can’t you see I’m busy now?”

Willie laughed as he staggered around. “Looks like you need more car and less ass to me.”

Ben glared up at Willie. “I hope you don’t plan on asking for one fucking nickel after a remark like that.”

“Nope!” exclaimed Willie, “I need a whole dollar.”

Ben popped from the car and into Willie accidentally knocking him down. “Oops.”

Willie rolled around on the ground before struggling to his feet. “A simple no would have done.”

Ben brushed by Willie. “No time for your shit Willie, I got to get this groceries in the house.”

Willie frowned. “So no money?”

Willie looked back and smiled. “You’re slow, but you catch on.”

“What if I needed food?” pleaded Willie.

Without even looking back Ben answered as he opened the door to his trailer. “Then you should have asked someone who gives a fuck.”


“Dammit, Josh how many times do I have to tell you to put the fucking toilet seat down!” shouted the elderly woman, Gina.

“Give me a fucking break ma!” replied Josh from his bedroom.

“That’s your problem” shouted Gina as she exited the bathroom, “I give you too many breaks.”

Josh, a severely obese man, stepped into the living room of the trailer wearing nothing but his boxers. “Fuck Ma, did you spray?”

Gina laughed, “I sprayed the same way you put the damned seat down.”

Ben entered the trailer with a grocery bag in his arms. “Jesus Christ, who the hell died in here?”

Josh pointed to his similarly obese mother. “She shit again and forgot to spray!”

Ben put the bag on the table and rushed to the bathroom and grabbed a can of some cheap deodorizer off the toilet and began spraying.

“Oh my God, you’re making it worse!” exclaimed Josh.

Ben stopped spraying. “You don’t expect me to eat while this place smells like horseshit, do you?”

Josh flopped on the couch and pointed to the bracelet on his ankle. “At least, you can leave the house to get away from the smell.”

“I’m standing right here assholes!” shouted Gina.

Ben ignored Gina and pointed at Josh. “Shit son, you could leave the house if you hadn’t done what you did. So stop crying and make the best of it.”

“Damn dad is five years in prison enough?” whined Josh.

“Man up and stop crying Josh.” Spat Ben, “I am not your mother I’m not going to coddle or cover for you anymore.”

“Coddle?” questioned Gina, “What the fuck is that supposed to mean and yes dammit I did cover for my son.”

“That was wrong!” admonished Ben. “Now not only is dumb asses life ruined so is ours.”

As the two argued, Josh stood up and trudged into his room where he fell across the bed where he spent most of his days.

He covered his head with his pillow. “Dammit, you two please stop fighting!”

Josh looked out his window and noticed that the sky had darkened, and the wind seemed to be picking up. “Wonder if a twister is coming?”

Ben and Gina argued on until there was a knock at the door.

Gina looked at Ben, “You expecting someone?”

Ben frowned. “Yeah, that hot twenty-five-year-old from next door. No dammit I'm not expecting anyone.”

“Just answer the damned door!” barked Gina.

Ben walked to the door and opened it, “Can I help you?”

Gina tried to look at Ben to see who he was talking to, but his was too damned wide to see around.  That had better not be that girl from next door.

“Yes, you know he lives here.” She heard Ben say as he shook his head.

Suddenly Ben was snatched through the door and outside. The door slammed shut, and Gina could hear her husband screaming.

Josh lumbered into the room and grabbed a bat from behind the door as Ben’s yelling grew louder.

Ben ran to his mother and handed her the bat. “Go see if dad’s alright!”

A frightened Gina ducked behind Josh, “You’re the man!”

Josh grabbed her and pushed her toward the door. “A man that can’t leave the trailer because of a court order.”

Ben’s screaming stopped.

Josh and Gina looked at each other briefly before Gina raised the bat and started for the door.

Gina reached the door. “Ben.”

The door opened slightly, and Gina could see the blood covering the outside of the door. “Oh my God!”

The door flung open, and Ben’s headless body flew into the trailer knocking Gina over. Gina and Josh screamed as the door slammed shut.
Josh ran into a corner of the trailer screaming hysterically as he mother lay on the floor staring at Ben’s body and sobbing heavily.

“Ben!” cried Gina.

Something rammed into the trailer rocking it and throwing both Josh and Gina up against the far wall.

As the trailer steadied, Josh crawled to his mother. “Mommy!”

Gina staggered to her feet with the bat in her hands. “Who is out there?”

The kitchen window shattered, and an arm or what Josh thought was an arm came through the window and grabbed his mother by the neck. Gina screamed out as she something dragged through the window.

Josh cried out as he grabbed his mother’s kicking legs and attempted to pull her back into the trailer. Josh pulled as hard as he could and then suddenly whoever or whatever was outside released its grip.
Josh and Gina flew back up against the wall and landed on the floor with a thud. 

“Mommy!” shouted Josh as he reached for her head. He turned her around to see her entire face mangled and her eyes gone.

Josh dropped her body and scrambled across the floor to his room and shut the door. Josh cried as something rammed into the trailer again.

“Leave me alone!” shouted Josh.

There was laughter from outside. A deep hoarse laughter and then whoever was laughing spoke in a gravelly voice.

“Do you want me to stop Josh?”

Josh cried out. ”Please stop!”

“Isn’t that what the children you molested ask you to do?”

Josh looked around his small room in fear as something rammed into the trailer again. “Please, I’ll do whatever you want just leave me alone!” he cried.

“Whatever I want?”

“Yes,” whimpered Josh, “Whatever you want.”

There was more laughter. “Good, I want you to die.”

The door to Josh’s trailer flung open.

“Run Josh!” shouted the voice.

Josh ran from his room and outside of the trailer. He heard the trailer rocking and looked back to see the trailer falling toward him. He turned to flee, but the trailer came crashing down across his legs.

Josh yelled out in pain as something appeared in front of him. Something so hideous that Josh couldn’t even scream.

Something grabbed him by the throat. Josh managed to get out a few words. “I paid my debt to society.”

Something again laughed. “It’s all about you, isn’t it Josh. What about those children and how you ruined their lives?”

As Josh whimpered and pleaded for mercy, a dark scaly finger was put to Josh’s lips.

Josh looked up into a pair of red eyes with a lizard-like pupils as he heard the voice again.

“I take vengeance.”

Josh began to cry as the thing hugged him, tighter and tighter. Josh gasped before screaming as his torso was torn from his legs.

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