Friday, December 11, 2015

Lee Everett & Clementine to Appear in THE WALKING DEAD: ROAD TO SURVIVAL Mobile Game

Press Release: Scopely, the premier touchscreen entertainment network, has partnered with Telltale Games, a leading digital developer and publisher, to introduce new faces to The Walking Dead: Road To Survival. The limited time crossover event brings fan-favorite characters from Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead Season 1 into The Walking Dead: Road to Survival from Scopely in partnership with The Walking Dead series creator Robert Kirkman and Skybound. From December 10 through January 31, new characters, including the survivors Kenny, fan-favorite Clementine and her guardian Lee Everett, will make their way into the world of The Walking Dead: Road To Survival, with new appearances every week.

“Together with Telltale, we’re creating new and unique content that remains true to The Walking Dead  source material from Skybound,” said Javier Ferreira, COO at Scopely. “We can’t wait to see how fans will determine the fates of these beloved characters within the Road to Survival universe.”

Scopely is dedicated to bringing fresh content to The Walking Dead: Road to Survival for years to come. The game is a constantly evolving, live world that connects a global community of fans, friends and gamers, with a steady stream of new content, including live events, new characters and storylines and other in-game updates.
“Working with Robert Kirkman and Skybound in creating characters that expand and enrich The Walking Dead comic universe has always been exciting for us,” said Steve Allison, SVP, Publishing at Telltale Games. “Working with Scopely, the Telltale characters like Lee and Clementine can be rolled into the fold with iconic Walking Dead characters like Rick and The Governor in scenarios possible only under the shared comic universe of Road to Survival.”

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is available as a free download on iOS andAndroid devices. Players can unlock the Telltale Games characters by completing roadmap or other limited time, in-game events. To learn more about The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, please visit the official YouTube channel and follow along on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.