Friday, August 28, 2015

Interview with Mike Evans author of Zombies & Chainsaws

Check out my interview with Mike Evans, the author of Zombies and Chainsaws and the Orphans. (TDWS is short for The Dead War Series)

TDWS: What inspired you to become an author?

MIKE EVANS: Everyone thinks they have a book in them. I was no different and when I did start to write one and finally finished it, I found out that I had many, many books within me.

TDWS: Why write in the zombie genre?

MIKE EVANS: That is because of The Walking Dead. A funny side note I thought that for some reason I was the first one to think of a zombie book. I didn't realize that there were thousands upon thousands to compete with.

TDWS: Lets's get to your book. What's it about? Is it a series?

MIKE EVANS: I have 2 zombies series. Series 1 is The Orphans it's about a man that tries to save the woman he loves and in doing so starts the zombie apocalypse. He gets his son and his son's friends to a secluded cabin trying to get them safe and free from the reach of the zombies.

Series 2 is Zombies and Chainsaws. It is just a group of guys that drive into hell and only have their tree trimming tools with them as they are out of town. If you like the Romero zombies and lots of gore and horror this books is most definitely for you!

TDWS: As I'm sure you know there are thousands of zombie books out there right now. What makes yours stand out?

MIKE EVANS: My zombies have strength and speed like no other. They can heal and they hunt in packs. They are also the only ones I know where they take a bite out of themselves for their first taste of flesh.

TDWS: What's the cause of the zombie apocalypse in your book/books?

MIKE EVANS: In the Orphans it's the main character and the somewhat anti hero Frank Fox trying to save the woman he loves with a vaccine that doesn't work. Because they never work. When he tries to give it to her it starts the zombie apocalypse and it spreads like wildfire.

TDWS: Are your zombies the fast or slow moving type?

MIKE EVANS: The Orphans are crazy fast and strong almost dog like at times with their speed and running on all fours when they really get going.

Zombies and Chainsaws have the slow Romero style Z's and are literally straight out of the grave slow and wobbly walking.

TDWS: Are you trying to make any greater point with your books or just write a good zombie story?

MIKE EVANS: I am not trying to enlighten anyone just enjoy writing a good book. The Orphans were really the biggest just in they were growing up orphans in a society where parents work to much and they had to take care of themselves long before they should have needed to!

TDWS: Do you have an online presence? If so where? Blogs, web sites, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

MIKE EVANS: I have a author page on facebook

I have a amazon author page

Twitter @mikee1123

My personal website page