Monday, August 31, 2015

Fear The Walking Dead Fans, stop yelling at your TV.

If you are like me you screamed, "Don't do that!", a lot during the second episode of Fear The Walking Dead titled So Close, Yet So Far. I honestly was going ape sh*t every time a character did something that was incredibly stupid. I had to remind myself of something to keep from having a nervous breakdown.

The characters on Fear The Walking Dead don't know the rules yet.

My one little, okay big quibble with this is that this is another zombie show/movie where no one has ever seen a zombie show/movie. So it therefore takes a while to realize that getting bitten is a bad thing and destroying the brain is how you kill a zombie/walker. But I digress...

So when we see Alycia do some dumb sh*t like continuing to touch her sick boyfriend or worse yet her parents allowing her to do so when they know something is wrong we have to just let it go.

When Madison leaves the house leaving the two dumbest teenagers (one being a junkie) on TV behind to fend for themselves during the start of a zombie apocalypse, we have to let it go.

When we see Madison try to talk to zombie Artie while he's going full walker we have to let it go. I thought Principal Skinner is the only school administrator that hangs out in school all day. Oops I digressed again.

I'm not even going to mention the other annoying kid, Chris or how polite Travis is through all of this.

So just stop yelling things like "You stupid b*tch!", "Are you f*cking kidding me!", and "The head, hit it in the f*cking head!". At some point, and hopefully soon these characters will learn the rules.

Until then we have Tobias!