Sunday, November 16, 2014

Interview with creator of Remain Calm - Zombie Apocalypse Role Playing Game.

Check out this interview with Jared Sanford the creator of a zombie role playing board game titled Remain Calm. He is trying to raise enough money through a Kickstarter campaign to get the game out there. (TDWZS refers to The Dead War Zombie Series.) Read and enjoy.

TDWZS: Tell us a little about yourself.

Jared: My name is J Sanford, and Im a long time horror and RPG fan. I live in Tampa and lovvvvveeeee zombies.

TDWZS: How big of a zombie fan are you?

Jared: On a scale of 1-10 Im a 500. Zombies are literally the modern equivalent of the dragon. They fit into every story and every concept. Even Bacon is better with zombies.

You are doing a Kickstarter campaign for a zombie themed game you have created. Tell us about it.

Jared: Our kickstarter launched on Halloween night and runs until Nov 30th. We are trying to raise 5000$ to fund a new kind of table top RPG we're calling a Meta Top.

TDWZS: Where did the idea for the game come from?

Jared: Well I grew up watching zombie movies and the question of "what would you do to survive?" is a classic question. A couple friends of mine always played RPGs with me and eventually just put it too me like "J, if zombies are going to be in every game, why not just MAKE a zombie RPG?" I was like "...derp... YA I think I will"

TDWZS: What makes your game unique?

Jared: About 1000 things. The biggest 3 are: You play as yourself, not a heroic character. If you're infected and turn you play on as both a zombie AND the horde. We only give you 30 seconds to think per round to come up with a plan. Its evil really :P

TDWZS: Where can we find out more about the game and donate to make the game a reality?

Jared: Our KS is on

Jared: Remain Calm RPG is about who you are and what YOU would do. it strives to answer that question and doesn't play nice when you make dumb decisions and we need YOUR help to fund it!

TDWZS: Anything you would like to add in closing?

Check out the video for the project below.