Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Why Syfy can't air Z Nation Episode 5 Z Nado

Syfy can not air the next episode of Z Nation titled Z Nado. Why? Because #1 It will destroy the show, and #2 it will make us idiots who defended it early on the laughing stocks of zombie fans everywhere.

Back to reason #1. Syfy has to understand that by airing the Z Nado episode they will be giving credence to those who feared that this is what the show would be, and hated it before it aired. After episode #4 which was bad, Z Nation's producers only had two choices. Come back with a great episode or come back with more crap. It's obvious they chose the latter. The commercial for the episode just made me slap my forehead and wonder why in the hell did I think Syfy would do a good zombie show.

I wasn't expecting an Emmy winning show but an episode titled Z Nado? It started off us a fun action filled show and seems determined to get more wackier and goofier each week as zombie fans feared. I guess they were right and fools like me who were willing to give the show a chance were wrong.

After episode 5 airs I'm done with Z Nation and I'm sure many others will be too. Z Nation will have finally "jumped the shark" and I and millions of others will jump ship.

George Cook Thedeadwarzombieseries.com