Saturday, October 18, 2014

5 takeaways from Z Nation episode 6 Resurrection Z

I know I promised to never watch Z Nation again after episode 5 Z Nado but I'm a zombie fan so I gave the show another try. You know what I was rewarded with the best episode since the pilot in my humble opinion. Not just a good episode but one with a shocking ending, so if you have not seen episode 6 stop reading now! Here are my 45 takeaways from Episode 6, Resurrection Z

1. The crazed preacher must be a requirement for all zombie movies, books, and comics.

2. I might actually be starting to like Murphy. Yeah he's still an ahole and a coward but it looks like he's starting to get this whole surviving as group thing.

3. Obviously having a "doctor" can get you into a lot of places in Z Nation.

4. This episode had just the right balance of the humor, horror, and good storytelling that I think the writers of Z Nation are looking for. Let's hope this is not the show's peak.

5. LAST WARNING! If you have not saw episode 6 stop reading now now! The commercials for the show teased all week long that one of the group would die. Many expected Doc or Mack, who would have guessed that it would have been the group's leader Charlie? To get to the 6 episode mark and kill a character that people have now become invested in takes a lot of balls and to the credit of the writers they did it and did it unceremoniously. That was a great moment and Kellita Smith provided us with some good acting with her reactions to Charlie being bitten and when she gave him "mercy".

We will see where the writers of Z Nation go after Charlie's death. Does Warren automatically assume command of the groups, what will be her mental state, will there be a power struggle within the group, do others step up into leadership positions. I can't wait to find out!

Simply put, a great episode!