Saturday, October 4, 2014

5 takeaways from Z Nation episode 4 Full Metal Zombie

This weeks Z Nation episode was titled Full Metal Zombie. It wasn't one of the best episodes so far, but what was really frustrating for me in this episode was that this episode didn't know when to let a good or amusing idea go. Here are my five takeaways from Full Metal Zombie:

1. The beginning of the show was great. The show had some social commentary to rival The Walking Dead when our heroes encounter a family that they think are being robbed. What the parents have their kids do in order to survive is striking and not something you usually see on TV when it comes to kids and violence. That moment itself surprising and says a lot about the human condition. In my opinion the writers should have left it at that and never showed the family again but for some reason they do, and the family is in a bad way. I don't believe that was necessary.

2. This was one of the funnier episodes. Doc was actually very funny until again a bit about being stuck in an air shaft while smoking a joint carried on too long. Did anyone also notice that the zombie Doc was stuck with looked like him?

3. Bill Moseley's portrayal of a crazy general was great and while a ripoff of the crazy British officer from 28 Days Later (and several other movies), he was quite funny.

4. I guess it's a good thing that 10K has a back story but I truly didn't care. I would have rather he stayed mysterious.

5. The use of a drive-thru speaker and a satellite dish to contact Citizen Z was cute and very reminiscent of an episode of MacGyver.