Sunday, September 7, 2014

Give Z Nation a chance!

Z Nation premieres Sept. 12 and although few have actually seen it many have decided it sucks or will suck. I have already read where people state that it's no "The Walking Dead. Of course it's not that's why it has a different title.

Why does the show have to be like or compared to The Walking Dead? I know that there are few zombie shows on television so the comparison is inevitable but is it fair? I love The Walking Dead but we all have to admit that at times it drags and can be depressing as all hell. If there is a zombie show that actually uses the word zombie, that's more heavy on the action and gore what's wrong with that?

Some worry that because it's brought to us by Asylum the same folks who brought us the Sharknado movies that it may be overly campy or overly ridiculous (like the concept of a zombie apocalypse is not ridiculous itself). That's an understandable worry given Asylum's track record. But then again it could be ridiculous or it could just be plain goofy fun.

I think it's possible to like different types of zombie shows. Look at it this way. Isn't it possible to love both the original Night of the Living Dead and Return of the Living Dead at the same time? Of course it is! Both zombie movies but very different in style but great in their own right. So it doesn't have to be an either or situation when it comes to The Walking Dead and Z Nation.

I'm going to give Z Nation a fair shot, hell it can't possibly be worse than Dominion and I watched that whole series so I will give Z Nation a shot. I suggest we all give it a shot and I write this as someone who hates fast zombies. I mean how can you resist a show with a zombie baby?

George Cook