Friday, September 26, 2014

5 takeaways from Z Nation episode three season 1 "Philly Feast"

One thing I can say about Z Nation is that it is getting better every week. There are getting more creative with zombie kills and each episode features more and more zombies. The show is actually getting more and more fun as each weeks passes.

Here are 5 things that I took away from episode three, Philly Feast. NO SPOILERS!

1. No one in the world of Z Nation looks into a car before opening the door.

2. I really really like "Sunshine".

3. The Liberty Bell zombie kills looked great in that scene that was ripped off right out of Asylum's own Sharknado 2.

4. Tobias Campbell equals The Governor plus Negan but even more bat shit crazy.

5. All zombie shows/movies must bash us over the head with the disturbing fact they mankind will always be its own worst enemy even during a zombie apocalypse. (Yes, Z Nation worked some seriousness in there.)