Sunday, August 3, 2014

Why would a zombie author write Giant Land Octopus?

Hey there this is George L. Cook III. I fancy myself an author (others may differ) as I have written a series of 5 zombie books titled The Dead War Zombie Series. On August 1, 2014 I released my latest book Giant Land Octopus which one can tell by its title has nothing to do with zombies. It's more in the sci-fi horror/humor genre (if there's such a thing) and the title says it all.

Some may wonder why I would write Giant Land Octopus. To be honest it's not the first book I have written outside the zombie genre. I have written urban fiction and children's books also but I'm a science fiction and horror fan at heart so I always find my way back to both genres. But to be honest constantly write about zombies eating people are coming up with creative ways to kill zombies can get depressing. I know what you are thinking, zombie apocalypses are usually depressing.

I'm also a big sci-fi fan. I grew up watching U.F.O. , Star Trek, Space 1999 and newer shows like Space: Above and Beyond or Battlestar Galatica (The newer one). I currently watch The Last Ship, The Strain, The Walking Dead or basically any show that starts with "The".

I love sci-fi movies like Star Wars, Aliens, Blade Runner, and The Matrix. I really have a fond spot for old creature feature movies. You know movies like THEM which was about big giant ants or Food of the Gods which was about giant rats. (don't ever watch the sequel. I warned you.) I also loved Kingdom of the Spiders which has a tile that should be self explanatory.

I will also admit to liking some of the stuff on the Syfy channel. You know like Sharktopus or Sharknado. Hey it's not high art (but it's better if your'e high) but it's enjoyable garbage that elicits a few laughs. That's what I was shooting for when I wrote Giant Land Octopus.

I don't really know how I came up with a giant octopus but it was down to that and a giant gerbil. I decided that no one but Tom Cruise would be excited by a giant gerbil so I went with the octopus. (I know that was uncalled for but you laughed.

Now I did't take the overly campy route although there is comedy it's not the spoof or outright parody type. I even studied up on octopuses (I learned that octopi is not actually the plural form). I found two species that fit the story and tried to keep things as realistic as you can in a story titled Giant Land Octopus. I took a few liberties as far as calling the liquid it secrets to disable it's victims ink when it's really not and I made (or believe I did) some crap about octopuses not leaving their "hunting grounds". Hey it sounds good and explains why the octopus just want go away and eat another town.

I wanted to have fun with a story and share my love of sci-fi and old creature feature movies. There are even a few reference to at least three sci-fi movies in the story. I wonder who can catch them. I think I have shared my love of these movies with a quick and witty old fashioned monster of the week story. I hope you take the time to check it out and maybe even leave a review (please!).

Well what are you waiting for? Buy the damn book already...LOL. No really buy the kindle version of the book on Amazon for 99¢ by clicking the picture below: