Sunday, June 15, 2014

Interview with the author of The Dead War Zombie Series: ROGUE

Hey all I'm about to actually interview myself about the release of my new book The Dead War Zombie Series: ROGUE. It took a little longer than I expected to get this interview with all the scheduling conflicts between myself and I. After a few rounds of phone tag I finally reached me and conducted this interview. Without any further adieu here's the interview. George Cook

TDWZS: (The dead war zombie series): Hi Mr. Cook it was nice of you to finally answer your phone and do this interview with us.

George Cook: Whatever let's hurry up I want to watch Doc of the Dead on Netflix.

TDWZS Seriously Mr. Cook welcome to The Dead War Series Blog. Let's get right to it. What made you write The Dead War Zombie Series: ROGUE?

George Cook: The fans had been asking for me to write as there were some unanswered questions from the first trilogy. ROGUE was a story I wanted to tell anyway after I finished the first book. I thought I would include it in the short story collection but after my first attempt at writing it I realized it would be longer than the other stories in the book so I decided to do it as a stand alone. Oddly enough the first attempt at writing ROGUE became the short story "The man in the hat". In the original version Sgt. Richards was sent out to find the cause of the other Scouts disappearances.

TDWZS: So is ROGUE a short story?

George Cook: I guess by today's standards it is. At over 7,500 words I guess you could call it a novlette also.

TDWZS: What's the plot of ROGUE?

George Cook: Without giving anything away I can say that it's a prequel to The Dead War Zombie Series Book One: Survive the Night. When I say prequel I mean as in it takes place right before the events in Book One. Sgt. Richards has just gotten the letter he is supposed to deliver and he runs into an unexpected enemy. That confrontation help explain something that happens in "The Dead War Zombie Series Book Two: ABOMINATION" and definitely explains the ending of The Dead War Zombie Series Book Three: WAR.

TDWZS: One of the benefits of knowing the author is that we got to read the book for free. The first things I noticed was that ROGUE was the darkest story in the series. Was that intentional?

George Cook: I set out to write a darker story although even I was surprised that it was even bleaker than Book One. I wanted to take the series back to it's roots. Book One was definitely the darker and scariest. Book Two was more action oriented and Book Three ended on somewhat of a hopeful note.

The first draft was so dark that I added the diner scene just to add a little levity although that ends badly too.

TDWZS: The revelation in the book is a big surprise. How did that come about?

George Cook: It had been planned all along to explain the super soldiers that the Special Forces Scouts were. The only problem was explaining how they existed. The secondary enemy introduced in Book Two wasn't actually supposed to be introduced until the second trilogy but I felt they had to be to help explain the Scout Corp.

TDWZS: Where is ROGUE available?

George Cook: Currently on Amazon for the Kindle.

TDWZS: Is there anything you would like to say to the audience before we depart?

George Cook: I would like to first say thank you to all of those that have supported me and you guys make it worth it. I have already started on the next story in The Dead War Zombie Series. One thing I would like to also add is take the time to leave a review. Those reviews really help us independent authors.

TDWZS: Alrighty then. Thanks for the Mr. Cook. Feel free to stop by when your next project is released.

George Cook: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to appear on my own blog it's been a blast.

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