Sunday, May 11, 2014

Zombie book of the day: AFTER DEATH by Derrick LaCombe

SYNOPSIS: After returning from a week-long expedition, a team of scientists realize - too late that they've brought back more than they bargained for. The result is a terrifying onslaught that quickly overwhelms the resources of a small town, placing it in peril.

Do you have what it takes to SURVIVE the zombie apocalypse?

Follow the characters of “After Death!” and see if you can. Learn! Adapt! Survive!

Will you be the person cowering in the corner of your bedroom or the hero that leads the way through hordes of zombies? Take a hold of the reins in this zombie thriller.

Join a group of people in Texas, and see if you have what it takes to survive for the sake of all humanity. Pick a character. Be that person. Will you work together or will you and the rest of the group fall apart in the face of bone crunching death? This epic will have you wondering if you could overcome the odds or if you're all talk.

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