Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Does the race of the hero in a book matter to you?

Recently a friend and I were talking and he wondered allowed if the fact that our books feature black protagonist might be limiting our sales. I had never really thought of it from that standpoint as I write in the horror/sci-fi genre and I was more concerned about how to market my books to a black audience who might be reluctant to read it.

I know with comic books a hero's race can be an issue with some readers but at the same time comic books are a much more visual medium than fiction books/ebooks. Not much is left to the imagination there.

Now I'm a little naive so I still have faith in most readers. I believe that most readers don't care about the hero's race as long as the story is good and they can become engrossed in it. I also believe that at some point many forget the race of the character or find it irrelevant after a while.

So instead of me just guessing if a hero's race matters to readers I'll just ask you. Does it? Feel free to answer the poll below honestly. No one is judging anyone here.