Friday, April 4, 2014

Changes to The Dead War Zombie Series

Hi all this is George L. Cook III the author of The Dead War Zombie Series. I am writing this to let you all know about a few minor changes and one major change to my series of zombie books.

First let me state that there will be more books in The Dead War Zombie Series. They will be released soon but not too soon. I have spent the last year and change writing The Dead War Zombie books and need a slight break.

Because of that I have made a few changes to answer reader questions from the first three books.

The first change has nothing to do with the story line but with the title. The official title of the series is now The Dead War Zombie series as opposed to The Dead War Series. That is because another author also has a Dead War Series and I believe that it was confusing the readers. It also helps to have the word zombie in your title if potential readers are searching for zombie books. LOL.

Here are the minor changes:

* Sgt. Richards finally gets a first name. It's now spoken once in book two by Sgt. Liu.

* Readers finally learn the source of Duncan's utter hate for humanity.

* We learn why Drake is so important to Devak.


The major change involves the ending of The Dead War Book Three: WAR and gives a big hint as to what the Special Forces Scouts are. The ending will also make fans of Sgt. Richards much happier than the original ending.