Saturday, February 8, 2014

Review: Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies

As preposterous as the title sounds and the obvious fact that the film is a ripoff of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter this is actually a pretty decent zombie flick.

The movies title pretty much says it all. President Abraham Lincoln and a group of Secret Service agents fight zombies in an attempt to keep the infection from spreading.

That being the plot one has to temporarily ignore the fact that sending in a company of troops would have worked much better. Also there's no way in hell anyone would have let the President of the United States lead an attack against the living dead even if that President is Abraham Lincoln.

Now as for the acting, it sucks. Except for Bill Oberst who portrays Abraham Lincoln no other actor in the movie should quit their day jobs. That does not take away from the movie though which moves at a brisk pace and actually has one or two genuine scares. There is plenty of zombie action but maybe not as much gore as some would like. As for the zombies these zombies tend to "sleep" even when humans are around at times. If seems as if the script dictates when the zombies are aware of the humans.

To me what makes this movie fun is the historical figures that it works into the script. Theodore Roosevelt, Stonewall Jackson, John Wilkes Booth, and Pat Garret (look it up). It's amusing to see little nuggets dropped here and there about things that later or said or done by historical figures. The writers Richard Schenkman, Karl Hirsch, and Lauren Proctor were very clever in this regard.

I strongly recommend that you check this movie out. Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies is a fun, quick, and enjoyable way to spend 90 minutes.