Thursday, January 2, 2014

Today's zombie book of the day: Rotters by Carl R Cart

I just finished reading this zombie book and I really enjoyed it. It tries and succeeds in coming up with a plausible scenario in which a zombie apocalypse could happen. There are of course a few scares and the requisite zombie gore. I recommend this book to all zombie lovers out there. George Cook

Synopsis: Set in the dark heart of Africa, Rotters is a hard-core mix of biology, forensic science, military adventure and graphic zombie horror wrapped up in a leaking body bag.

When a deadly new virus emerges in the Congo river basin of central Africa, Dr. Peter Barry must lead an elite military recon team deep into the heart of the rain forest in a desperate race against time to discover the source of the virus. Each step closer to their goal brings new revelations about the virus, themselves, and the unimaginable fact that zombies are real.