Saturday, January 11, 2014

Short excerpt from The Dead War Series Book One

Here is a short excerpt from my book The Dead War Series Book One. It's just enough to give you a taste of the zombie and science fiction type action in the book ( and the Dead War Series ). So check it out and enjoy. George L. Cook III.

...Richards lowered his pistol and began to creep away from the area. He turned a corner right smack into an oncoming Gray. The dead had soulless black eyes. No pupils, no whites of the eyes, just black orbs.
The thing shrieked as it reached out at Richards. Richards instinctively kicked the thing back and fired just once. The blue bead of laser light slammed into the Grays forehead and blew out the back of the things head in a blue burst of light, blood,  and black bile.
Richards rolled forward and then spun around onto one knee. The other two Grays he had seen earlier were almost on top of him now. Richards fired twice silencing both with head shots. He got to his feet and ran. He could hear moaning sounds all around him now...

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