Friday, January 17, 2014

Review: Rec 3 Genesis

I finally checked out REC 3: Genesis a few nights ago. Here is my review.

The film is the third installment of the REC series It is a parallel sequel to the first two films taking place before, during and after the films. ( Got that? )

Now to be honest I'm still not sure about the genesis part of the title unless a brief explanation by an Uncle of one of the main characters about how his hand got hurt is the cause of the outbreak.

The film starts out with the familiar found footage format but thankfully when the action picks up switches to a normal third person view.

The movies setup is quick, things move briskly and the "zombie" action starts fairly quickly and suddenly.

The film takes place at the wedding of Koldo and Clara. It follows the adventures of the survivors of the initial zombie attack at the wedding reception. The chaos at the wedding reception is one of the better scenes in the entire film.

The highlight of the movie is when Clara gets a chainsaw and goes to get her man. She goes all Texas Chainsaw Massacre on the zombies and kills many of them in some creative ways.

While never really scary or even suspensful it's an okay "zombie" film. The effects are decent and the acting is not half bad ( even if it's in Italian ). I only really have two gripes with the movie.

The first has to do with the "zombies" I keep putting zombies in quotation marks because although the "zombies" spread the infection through bites they run and move like the infected from 28 Days Later. But then again they are not infected but possessed by demons. I prefer real zombies myself but hey if demon possession floats your boat I'm all for it.

The second gripe has to do with possibly one of the dumbest things ever done in a zombie movie. ( Warning spoilers ahead ). When Koldo finds survivors in a chapel one of the characters states that the zombies can not enter because it's holy ground. So what do the survivors do? They of course decide to leave the chapel and try to make it to a bus. You can guess how that ends.

The movie has a downer of an ending but then again that's probably how things would go down in a real zombie apocalypse.

So in closing I would say that Rec 3 is okay but a totally unneeded sequel. Hopefully Rec 4 will be better and more on par with Rec and Rec 2.