Thursday, January 16, 2014

Interview with Steven Bynum the author of the "Into Zombies" books.

Hey guys it's my priviledge to present to you an interview I did with author Steven Bynum, the author of the Into Zombies series. Checkout our innterview and his books. George Cook

George Cook:  What inspired you to become an author?

Steven Bynum: I've always enjoyed creative outlets, such as painting, and telling stories. However, I have always found it difficult to actually talk to people. I am one of those shy types. Writing provides me a creative environment to entertain people. Through my writing, I hope to give people some enjoyment.

George: Why write in the zombie genre?

Steven: I'm a big fan of zombies, and I wanted to tell a story with them in it. I will not always write about zombies, but they are so fun. What can provide the most enjoyment other than watching or reading a zombie story? Writing one!

George: Lets's get to the Into Zombies series. What's the series about? How many books are there in the series?

Steven:  It's set in the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. The story is fast paced. It mainly revolves around a little girl that is murdering the survivors she comes across. She has a reason for doing this that will not be apparent until the end of the story. There is love, loss, death, and the search for vengeance going on with the other characters in the story.

I released the story in three novellas. Now, I have put them all together into one book, Into Zombies Complete.

George: As I'm sure you know there are thousands of zombie books out there right now. What makes yours stand out?

Steven:  In my story, you do not just have to worry about human zombies. Any creature that was once living, can be a zombie. Also, make sure a certain little girl does not have you fooled, or under her influence. You may come to have a very bad day.

George: What's the cause of the zombie apocalypse in your books?

Steven: The reader will only find out the cause towards the end of the story. I'm sorry, but that is all I can say about it without giving anything away.

George:  Are your zombies the fast or slow moving type?

Steven: They are able to move at the same speed as their living counterparts.

George: Are you trying to make any greater point with your books or just write a good zombie story?

Steven: I just wanted to write a story with zombies in it. There is no greater point other than to entertain the reader. I guess another point would be, I very much enjoyed writing the story.

George: Do you have an online prescence? If so where? Blogs, web sites, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Steven: I am slowly working on my online presence. I'll provide what I have now.

Twitter: @sgbynum

Blog in the works: I Write Stuff

Steven: Where are your books available?

Readers can get them on Amazon.

Becoming the Beast My first novella. It is a psychological werewolf story.

Into Zombies Complete This book contains all three parts of the Into Zombies series. It is a brand new collection, just released.

George: Any thing you would like to say in closing?

I will continue to write other stories that will vary in nature. It gives me pleasure to provide people with some entertainment through writing. My best wishes to you Mr. Cook, and to all the readers.

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