Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Release: The Dead War Series: The Short Story Collection

The Dead War Series: The Short Story Collection [Kindle Edition] 99¢

The living dead are back!

A collection of new short stories that take place in the Dead War Series Universe. Stories that help explain or add to the stories told in The Dead War Trilogy. These stories are about the early days of The Dead War. If you like zombies and those that kill them you will like this collection of short stories.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

THOMPSON: A Free Dead War Series Short Story

THOMPSON By George L. Cook III

AUTHOR’S NOTE: THOMPSON takes place during the events of The Dead War Series Book One. For a brief moment the two stories actually intersect with a character that you might recognize from book one although that character is not actually named in THOMPSON.

I wrote Thompson because I noticed that there were a lack of strong and heroic women in book one. That was later corrected in books two and three with the addition of Gabbard and Sgt. Manning. I hope that you enjoy this short story. If you have read book one it should fill in a gap for you about a particular scene and if you have not I hope it gets you to want to check out book one.

George L. Cook III

The loud screech of laser rifles and the moans of the dead filled the air as Sergeant Thompson and her platoon advanced on dozens of the dead.

Thompson was a petite darker skinned black woman with a no nonsense attitude and a knack for keeping her men alive.

She ordered her men forward as the dead fell. They had to reach the kids stuck on the second floor of a building only twenty yards away.

“Douglass!” Thompson yelled.

A corporal ran to her side, “Yes sergeant.”

The platoon neared the doorway of the building and formed a protective perimeter around the door. Thompson tapped Douglass on the helmet, “Hold your ground here. I’m taking two men and going inside to get the kids!”

Douglass nodded as he blasted one of the dead back over the hood of a car from which it had came.

Thompson tapped two soldiers on the helmet and then started into the building. She was met immediately by two of the dead. She smashed one in the face with the butt of her rifle as one of the soldiers behind her shot the other in the head.

The creature Thompson had hit slammed into the wall. Thompson quickly flipped her rifle and shot it between the eyes.

The three soldiers started up the stairs. As they reached the top of the staircase they saw eight of the dead attempting to break down the door of the apartment where the kids were.

“Light em up!” Thompson shouted.

The soldiers opened fire. The doorway exploded in bursts of blue light, blood, and black bile, as the heads of the dead exploded.

Thompson ran to the door before the last of the dead even hit the floor.

“Open the door!” she yelled, “It’s okay. We are here to get you out of here!”

Soon she could hear furniture moving and a minute later the door opened. Three girls between the ages of five and ten stepped out crying as they ran to Thompson. She hugged them. She was a soldier but at one time she was a mother. She wanted to make them feel safe.

“Sergeant!”, shouted one of her men, “We gotta move they can’t hold the perimeter outside forever.”

Thompson looked at the soldier and nodded. She then looked down at the girls, “We gotta move fast babies okay. Once we get outside keep moving and don’t look back. I will make sure you get to safety.”

The group started for the front door with Thompson in the lead. Thompson ran out of the doorway and nodded at Douglass, "Lets move!"

The group of soldiers and children began moving quickly as Thompson led the way methodically shooting down the dead. One of her men yelled out. She turned to see him being dragged underneath a car.

“Keep moving!” , yelled Thompson.

Some of her men who had started back toward the car reversed themselves and fell back in line while shooting down many of the dead as they protected the rear of the group.

“Shit sarge!”, yelled Douglass pointing to dozens of oncoming dead.

Thompson turned toward the oncoming dead, “Keep moving. I will lead them off!”

“I’m staying with you sarge!” , yelled Douglass as he ran to her side.

Thompson pushed Douglass back, “No, get those girls and my men out of here!”

Douglass reluctantly led the others away. Thompson saw the girls looking back their eyes filling with tears. Thompson had promised to get them to safety and dammit she would.

Thompson screamed to attract the dead. They all soon turned their attention to her. She then ran to the nearest car and placed a grenade on top. She hit the red button on top and ran to three more cars to do the same as the dead began to swarm around her.

She climbed on top of one of the cars and began shooting at the dead with her pistol. As soon as one of the dead fell another came to take its place. Thompson looked to see her men and the children reach the end of the street. She smiled. Then the grenades went off.

Thompson was thrown in the air and landed with a thud behind a car as the body parts of the dead flew through the air. Thompson saw smoke and flames and then blackness.

She woke up an hour later in incredible pain. Her stomach hurt badly. As her vision became clear she saw that one of the dead was feeding on her intestines. She was too weak to scream. She watched with terror in her eyes and her mouth opened in a silent scream as the thing pulled more of her intestines from her body.

She did not want to become one of those things. “Please God don't let this happen.” , She cried.

That's when he stepped into view. A man in an all black uniform and holding a laser pistol. A Scout.


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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Zombie Classic The Rising: Author's Preferred Edition by Brian Keene

The classic that helped start a pop culture phenomenon - back in print and UNCUT!

Since it's 2003 debut, Brian Keene's THE RISING is one of the best-selling zombie novels of all-time. It has been translated into over a dozen languages, inspired the works of other authors and filmmakers, and has become a cultural touchstone for an entire generation of horror fans.

THE RISING is the story of Jim Thurmond, a determined father battling his way across a post-apocalyptic zombie landscape, to find his young son. Accompanied by Martin, a preacher still holding to his faith, and Frankie, a recovering heroin addict with an indomitable will to survive, Jim travels from state to state and town to town, facing an endless onslaught of undead hordes, and the evils perpetrated by his fellow man.

This brand-new, author's preferred edition, restores nearly 30,000 words of material that was cut from the original edition. These new chapters, which have never been seen by anyone before now, expand the original story, adding new depths to characters and more horrific situations.

You may think you've read THE RISING, but you haven't read it all until you read this edition!



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The Dead War Trilogy Now Available In Paperback

The Dead War Series is now available in paperback for $8.81, a 15% discount. Check the book out by clicking the picture below:

When the dead walk a hero shall rise! The Dead War Trilogy is the story of that hero, Sergeant Richards!

In the year 2053 the dead walked. Mankind was caught off guard at first but within six years mounted a massive military assault against the dead.

These are the stories of some of those men and women that fought back.

Free Zombie Books For Your Kindle 12/15/2013

What's better than a good zombie book? a free zombie book that's good. I have listed a few books that are free TODAY 12/15/2013 for you to check out. Hope you like them.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Zombie Movie Review: Dead Heist, Hip Hop gangstas vs vampire/zombie hybrids

I recently signed for Netflix which has given me access to a sh*t load of zombie movies. Most bad but many fun none the less. One movie I checked was a 2007 straight to DVD (remember those) flick Dead Heist. The official synopsis below:

Four friends plan the perfect small town bank heist, but choose the wrong night. Their plans go horribly wrong when vampiric zombies attack the town and trap them in the bank. Can they escape with the money and their lives?

My synopsis would be much shorter, Hip Hop gangstas vs zombies or vampires.

That synopsis pretty much sums up the entire movie. The best part of the movie is 80s rapper Big Daddy Kane showing up as a scientist turned zombie/vampire hunter. Kane steals the show as does a good job of not taking his role or the movie to seriously. Neither does director Bo Webb which leads to a fast paced (80 minutes) movie that gets to the gory action ASAP. How the zombies/vampires came to be is briefly explained by Kane's character as having something to do with some type of artificial blood his team was creating.

The make up and special effects are nothing special but better than the average cheap zombie flick. The acting is no where as bad as one would expect and the movie delivers on the gore and the action. The last 20 minutes is a bullet riddled gore fest that should excite most fans of the genre although it does strain credibility. But then again doesn't a zombie movie stretch credibility?

So on a scale of 1 to 10 I'm give Dead Heist a 6 and recommend you check it out.

The movie is available on Netflix or through Amazon's Instant Video. You can access the movie on Amazon Instant video by using the link below. It's $2.99 to rent.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Poll: Who do you think dies in The Walking Dead Season 4 mid-season finale

Well tonight is the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead (Season 4). The promos have basically promised the death of characters. This being The Walking Dead it could be anyone. It could be someone as obvious as The Governor or as outlandish as Rick or Darryl. My question is who do you think dies tonight in the mid-season finale? Take the poll below: