Saturday, January 26, 2013

Interview with George Cook about the Dead War Series Book Three: WAR

Here is an interview with George L. Cook III who has FINALLY released The Dead War Series Book Three: WAR.

TDWS: Welcome Mr. Cook. First let us congratulate you on the release of The Dead War Series Book Three: WAR.

George Cook: Thank you for having me and on your congratulations on the release of the book.

TDWS: First question right off the bat. What took so long?

George Cook: Let me apologize for that but i hope to the fans of The Dead War Series the wait was worth it.

Writing a series is not easy and can at times be painstaking. You have to keep things organized and make sure what happens in book three matches what happens in books one and two. You have to keep track of what certain characters have said or did no matter how insignificant it may have been at the time they said or did it. Those stories I had to keep going back to not only included books one and two but the short stories also. The short story DOCTOR provided some issues I hadn't anticipated.

Also I thought I knew how book three would end when I started writing it and then began to jump back and forth between that ending and another ending. I eventually decided to go with the original which meant that about ten pages wound up going in the trash.

TDWS: From the beginning of the book it's apparent that no character is safe and some of the deaths will surprise fans of The Dead War Series. How did you decide who lived and who died?

George Cook: I wanted to keep things as realistic as you can in a story about a zombie apocalypse. I mean there are zombies and humanity goes to war with vampires ( did I mention the word realistic? ) , characters will die on all sides. Some deaths I had planned in advance others came naturally in the course of my writing the action and battle scenes.

TDWS: There is a lot of action is book three but still some scares. How did you manage that?

George Cook: Many of the action sequences were supposed to be in book two but didn't fit the story at the time. Also in book three we are dealing with a bigger scale for the story as war has broken out and it takes place in multiple places. That allowed to up the action ante.

There were two scenes where I deliberately went for scares to set an even more ominous scene and I think I did that. If you read or have read the book you will know what those two scenes are.

TDWS: We get to meet more Scouts in book three beside Richards and Liu. What took so long with that?

George Cook: Well the Scouts normally work alone so it would be unusual to see that many at one place.

If we stop and think about it we the only Scout we really know is Richards the established hero of The Dead War Series. We really don't know much about Liu as he is not in book one and only appears briefly in book two. Other than that he only appeared in two of the short stories and in one of those he is not yet a scout. So I wanted to give Liu more to do and show the variety and diversity of the scout Corp with the other Scouts introduced in book three. Patel the only other scout mentioned by name also shows up in book three.

TDWS: Can I ask you questions about the ending of the book?

George Cook: You can but i'm not answering. :)

TDWS: Okay let's try this. With the way the book ends will we see more of The Dead War Series?

George Cook: Hell yes. I enjoy the Dead war world and have several stories to continue to write those stories.

TDWS: When can we expect those books?

George Cook: One is almost done now although I don't know if it will be the next release as it goes in a different direction.

TDWS: Well thanks again for the interview ans let's not take so long between books okay.

George Cook: I promise the next release will be much sooner.LOL.


Monday, January 21, 2013

It's here! The Dead War Series Book Three: WAR!

The wait is over! The Dead War Series Book 3: WAR is here. $1.99

I know it took a little bit longer than I promised but it's finally here.

One teaser I will give Dead War fans that read this blog is that Richards and Duncan finally do square off!

Sergeant Richards, Liu, more scouts, and The Peacemakers must defend the little girl Delice as a vampire army attacks The Rock. As the battle rages on the walking dead join in and the odds of getting Delice who is now mankind's last hope out of the city just got worse. Will they succeed?

Buy the Dead War Series Book Three: WAR

Saturday, January 12, 2013

To stop a zombie apocalypse you must sacrifice yourself and your crew. What do you do?

Ok guys check out this scenario.

You are the commander of the starship USS Wearefucked. During an expedition to a previously unknown planet your landing party ignores every known safety protocol ( how else do these things happen? ) and brings back an infection that turns most of your crew into flesh eating zombies. You have lost control of the ship and only you and thirty of your crew remain locked up in the control room. There are 4 escape pods left and at least 16 of you could escape.

Also if that's not bad enough ,if an emergency occurs the ships computers automatically plot in a return course to Earth.

You can not undo this. What do you do?

Do you set the ships auto-destruct to keep the ship from reaching Earth with your entire crew on board or do you take a chance and let 16 of your crew escape allowing for the possibility of the infection reaching Earth?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Dead War Series is 1 year old. Celebrate with a free copy of The Dead War Series Book One

Hey everyone. This is George L. Cook III the author of The Dead War Series. This week The Dead War Series Book One is now 1 year old. To celebrate the book will be free from now until 01/12/2013. Get your free copy now! Happy birthday Dead War Series!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In a zombie apocalypse who would you rather be with, Robocop or Judge Dredd?

Okay you are having a nice day at work and then suddenly all hell breaks lose. Your co-workers are being ate by a rampaging zombie horde hours after the zombie apocalypse has started. Let's say in this scenario that you happen to work with both Robo Cop and Judge Dredd. One wants to go one way the other another way. Who you rolling with?