Sunday, December 8, 2013

Zombie Movie Review: Dead Heist, Hip Hop gangstas vs vampire/zombie hybrids

I recently signed for Netflix which has given me access to a sh*t load of zombie movies. Most bad but many fun none the less. One movie I checked was a 2007 straight to DVD (remember those) flick Dead Heist. The official synopsis below:

Four friends plan the perfect small town bank heist, but choose the wrong night. Their plans go horribly wrong when vampiric zombies attack the town and trap them in the bank. Can they escape with the money and their lives?

My synopsis would be much shorter, Hip Hop gangstas vs zombies or vampires.

That synopsis pretty much sums up the entire movie. The best part of the movie is 80s rapper Big Daddy Kane showing up as a scientist turned zombie/vampire hunter. Kane steals the show as does a good job of not taking his role or the movie to seriously. Neither does director Bo Webb which leads to a fast paced (80 minutes) movie that gets to the gory action ASAP. How the zombies/vampires came to be is briefly explained by Kane's character as having something to do with some type of artificial blood his team was creating.

The make up and special effects are nothing special but better than the average cheap zombie flick. The acting is no where as bad as one would expect and the movie delivers on the gore and the action. The last 20 minutes is a bullet riddled gore fest that should excite most fans of the genre although it does strain credibility. But then again doesn't a zombie movie stretch credibility?

So on a scale of 1 to 10 I'm give Dead Heist a 6 and recommend you check it out.

The movie is available on Netflix or through Amazon's Instant Video. You can access the movie on Amazon Instant video by using the link below. It's $2.99 to rent.