Sunday, October 13, 2013

The issue with tweeting The Walking Dead spoilers is a two way steet

NOTE: This was written back on 10/13/2013 but I believe it also pertains to the 02/09/2014 Season 4 mid-season premiere!

Okay unless you live under a rock you know that The Walking Dead season four premiere is tonight. Millions will tune in and just as many will be tweeting their happy little hearts out. Unfortunately this will lead to spoilers along with fan reaction being tweeted. Many wont be happy about that but avoiding spoilers is a two way street.

Now most will be careful so that our fellow TWD fans on the west coast who wont get to see the premiere until later wont have the show spoiled for them.

A few others will post spoilers like crazy. Now personally I think that those people should be dragged out into the street, have their hands laid out flat on that same street, and then smashed with a sledgehammer as a subtle reminder to not post spoilers again.

But it has been brought to my attention that in the United States and most civilized countries doing that would be illegal and would probably lead to an extended stay in prison. ( except maybe in Florida )

But I think we also have to be honest about some of the people who cry about spoilers. Now if you can't see the show earlier because it airs later that's one thing but to cry about spoilers two or three days after an episode has aired is bullsh**.

There are things you can do to avoid spoilers. The most obvious thing to do is stay the f*ck off twitter until you actually watch the show.

I know some DVR the show or watch it On Demand and then watch it at their leisure. But when a show is as popular as The Walking Dead you can't wait until three or fours days after an episode has aired and not expect to read spoilers online.

I think those who hate spoilers also have an obligation to watch the show in a timely fashion as to avoid spoilers. I think those that wait too long to watch a show or just as much as fault as those that post those same spoilers.

Well that's my two cents. What do you think?

George Cook