Friday, August 2, 2013

"Zombies" injured by runners during Denver zombie run

[ SOURCE ] Organizers of the nationwide ‘Zombie Runs’ acknowledge their events are getting more violent than they would like.
Sunday, participants suffered some nasty injuries at the 5K race in Denver. They emailed FOX31 Denver with their complaints.
We took their concerns to race organizers.
Autumn Brooks loves zombies, so when the Zombie Run came to Denver she jumped at the chance to get all dressed up in the role, only to find herself getting tackled by a runner who was trying to keep her from taking his brains…
“It was not fun at all,” Brooks says. “I had a large guy tackle me over a boulder and just left me there with scrapes, bruises. I wasn’t planning on bleeding my own blood that day.”
Paramedics say another zombie had her nose broken when runner in a banana costume, of all things, elbowed or punched her in the face.
The Zombie Run is on a 16-city U.S. tour. Here’s what happens:
Runners are outfitted with three balloons around their waists that represent their “brains.” The object of this twist to the run is to finish without letting the walking dead take their brains.
“It’s supposed to be the zombie apocalypse and the runners are running to save their lives, to get to the finish to have an after party,” Brooks says.
The injuries to the zombies in Denver were news to race founder Andrew Hudis, who called Channel 2 to respond to the complaints.
“It goes both ways. Sometimes there are humans that are too aggressive. Sometimes there are zombies that are too aggressive,” Hudis says.
“Zombies are hungry and they want the brains which is the life balloon and they want to just pop as many of those as they can,” Brooks explains.
She says runners got violent while fending off the living dead.
“They were just hostile, had something to prove, and were stiff-arming and taking out as many zombies as they could. They were violent to keep us from snagging them.”
Hudis says they have security, off-duty police officers and EMTs on the course. But with 3,000 people, injuries will happen. “We’ve accepted at some level that it’s not always peaceful,” he says.
“I have found a lot of people are complaining about the violence that has been done by the runners,” Brooks says.
Another zombie says it was like flag football on pavement.