Sunday, July 28, 2013

Zombie book of the day: The Art of War for Zombies

I saw this book in Barnes and Noble and brought it for my Kindle immediately. I LOVE this book. I strongly reccomend all fans of the horror genre to check it out! George Cook

They walk among us: the Living. They seek to vanquish us. And we bite back. Still, every zombie needs support. Now an ancient military manual reveals the secrets to keep Undead Comrades from losing their heads as they learn to assess the Enemy and develop offensive strategy (an easy task for us of the decaying flesh). It all starts by declaring one word: WAR! (And please note: The Apocalypse will not be televised.) A hilarious mash-up of the ancient Sun-Tzu classic, The Art of War, with Zombie, er, components.

Buy the book using the link below. The Kindle edition is on the left and the book is on the right.