Sunday, June 23, 2013

World War Z Movie Review

Once you get past one big issue World War Z is a pretty damned good movie. That one issue is that it should have been called anything else but World War Z.

I think the title hurts the film, which is sad because it would have been a great stand alone film. I know that the title probably helped its success on opening weekend ( 66 million opening ) but anything even Brad Pitt VS the Zombies would have been better.

Other than the fact that there are zombies  the book and the movie don't have much in common. One thing that they do have in common that some reviewers, critics, and fans of the book take issue with is the episodic nature of the movie. I find it odd that fans of the book would have an issue with the episodic nature of the film when the book itself was of an episodic nature. As for the reviewers I went in not caring much what they thought in the first place.

I think it's a good zombie film that probably owes more to a film like Contagion than Night of the Living Dead. But that just means it's a different not bad.

As far as zombie movies go World War Z might just be the least bloodiest and least goriest zombie flick ever made. There is rarely any blood shown and no gory scenes at all. That's not to say that it's not suspenful or tension filled with a few scares because it is.

I mentioned the "zombies" earlier. The World War Z "zombies" act more like the infected from 28 Days Later but like the Romero zombies they can be taken out with a head shot.

The movie itself starts of the zombie apocalypse very quickly and keeps the tension ratcheted up through the movie. The opening attacks in Philadelphia and the escape in Newark were great. As a resident of NJ I have to take objection to the fact that the family's vehicle gets stolen in Newark. The filmmakers just had to get that dig in on Newark.

The fall of Jerusalem is a great piece and just maybe contains the best scenes in the movie. The ending is very suspenseful and while it gives hope it lets us know that the battle is not over. It definitely sets up a sequel.

Brad Pitt is great in the movie as an Everyman hero. He doesn't start going all Rambo but he kicks some ass when needed and in true Hollywood fashion saves the day.

So if you haven't seen World War Z run and go see it. I think you will like it zombie fan or not.

George Cook