Sunday, May 5, 2013

World War Z predicted to have 40 million dollar opening weekend. is predicting the Brad Pitt film World War Z will have a 40 million dollar opening weekend. The site also predicts the film will have a total gross of $105 million.

Here are the reasons they give for those predictions:

* Brad Pitt typically delivers at the box office in high profile roles.

* There is a history of live-action alternatives being able to co-exist with high profile computer animated films in the summer (i.e., 2008's Wanted, 2011's Bad Teacher and last year's Prometheus).

* Being adapted from a pre-existing novel should help.

* With the zombie genre currently at a new zenith in entertainment, could this be for Pitt what I Am Legend and vampires were for Will Smith in 2007?

Do you think that Boxofficecom is correct in their predictions?