Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Zombieland series pilot review.

It took awhile but after Amazon fixed whatever glitches they had with Zombieland's launch I finally got to watch the pilot episode today.

To be honest I wish Amazon had never fixed that glitch.

The pilot starts off great. The first two minutes are the best of the entire episode. Sadly they feature characters we never see again.

From there it's all down hill. The cast is okay and the acting is on par but the writing is horrible. The show goes for slapstick and juvenile jokes. One such juvenile joke is about a girl named Ragina, like vagina with an R. That's what passes for humor on this show.

For a show titled Zombieland that takes place during a zombie apocalypse there don't seem to be many zombies walking the streets. One character blows up a store selling fireworks which makes enough noise to raise the dead and no zombies show up. They walk the zombie free streets and zombies seem to only show up as punchlines.

There are a few amusing bits and on that front there may be hope as this is only a pilot. There is still time for a change of direction. But if you are going to charge people to watch episodes it's going to have to get better real quick.

George L. Cook. III. The Dead War Series