Saturday, January 12, 2013

To stop a zombie apocalypse you must sacrifice yourself and your crew. What do you do?

Ok guys check out this scenario.

You are the commander of the starship USS Wearefucked. During an expedition to a previously unknown planet your landing party ignores every known safety protocol ( how else do these things happen? ) and brings back an infection that turns most of your crew into flesh eating zombies. You have lost control of the ship and only you and thirty of your crew remain locked up in the control room. There are 4 escape pods left and at least 16 of you could escape.

Also if that's not bad enough ,if an emergency occurs the ships computers automatically plot in a return course to Earth.

You can not undo this. What do you do?

Do you set the ships auto-destruct to keep the ship from reaching Earth with your entire crew on board or do you take a chance and let 16 of your crew escape allowing for the possibility of the infection reaching Earth?