Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Darryl & Merle are the stars of The Walking Dead video game Survival Instinct

This first-person action game allows players to assume the role of the crossbow-wielding survivor Daryl Dixon, alongside his brother Merle, on a haunting, unforgiving quest to make their way to the supposed safety of Atlanta.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct takes the undead and brings them out of the TV show and into console gaming systems in a terrifying way. The iconic walkers will relentlessly hunt down players like their television counterparts, using a combination of sight, sound and smell. As Daryl, players will need to tread carefully throughout each new area they explore. Once discovered, it doesn't take much to attract an unstoppable horde of undead walkers, so every threat needs to be assessed, and every situation analyzed. Players will have to choose between whether to stay and fight while risking a gruesome death or using stealth to avoid the undead. No place is truly safe for Daryl as he makes his way through the Georgia countryside in this new, post-apocalyptic world.

Learn more about the game in the video below:

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

During a zombie apocalypse what would be your weapon of choice?

If you found yourself caught in the sudden beginnings of a zombie apocalypse and you had a choice of weapons ( in reality you probably wont, any blunt object will have to do ) which would you chose? A bat, pipe, crossbow, gun, axe, crowbar, knife, etc.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

AMC Walking Dead featurette on second half of Season 3

Check out this 5 minute featureete released by AMC about the second half of season three. The cast explore how the events of the first half of the season have affected their characters and what fans can expect from the second half. Returns Sunday Feb 10 9/8c..

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Walking Dead wins video game of the year!

[ SOURCE ] "The Walking Dead: The Game" took a bite out of the Spike Video Game Awards.

Telltale Games' interactive episodic series based on the zombie comic book franchise was selected as game of the year at Friday's extravaganza, which honors outstanding achievements in the video game industry over the past year.

"Look, `Walking Dead' fans, this is obviously for you," beamed "Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman. "Thank you so much. You guys watch the TV show. You read the comics. You play the video games. You make all this possible."

"The Walking Dead" also won the best downloadable and adapted game prizes, as well as best performance by a human female for Melissa Hutchison as young survivor Clementine and studio of the year for Telltale Games.

Buy the downloadable version of the game below:

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cops: Man shoots girlfriend over 'Walking Dead' argument

Here is one from the WTF file. After an argument about what could cause a zombie apocalypse a man shot his girlfriend when she came to apologize the next day. I am not making this sh** up.

[ SOURCE ] A Williston Park man who shot his girlfriend in the back with a rifle after a heated argument over the television show "The Walking Dead" told police he was annoyed that she came to his apartment to smooth things over.

In a statement to police, Jared M. Gurman, 26, said he told his girlfriend, Jessica Gelderman, 27, also of Williston Park, to leave.

"Jess walked into the room and I fired the gun once and hit her," Gurman said. "She said, 'Oh my God. What did you do?'"

A single round from a .22-caliber semi-automatic rifle pierced Gelderman's lung and diaphragm and shattered her ribs, said Nassau Det. Lt. Raymond Cote, commander of the Third Squad.

Police said Gurman drove his girlfriend to Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, where he was arrested. As of late yesterday, police said Gelderman was in stable condition with the bullet still in her body.

At Gurman's arraignment yesterday in First District Court in Hempstead, his attorney, Edward L. Lieberman of Garden City, entered a not guilty plea on behalf of his client, but outside court he acknowledged that Gurman unintentionally shot his girlfriend.

"The rifle went off accidentally," Lieberman said.

Gurman, of 516 Marcellus Rd., was arraigned on one count of second-degree attempted murder. Nassau District Court Judge Valerie Alexander ordered him jailed without bail.

Gurman and Gelderman, who had been dating for three and half years, went out Sunday night when they began arguing about the show, an AMC thriller featuring zombies in a post-apocalyptic world, Cote said.

"I just know that he felt very adamant that there could be some type of military mishap that would result in some sort of virus or something being released that could cause terrible things to happen," Cote said.

Gelderman, Cote said, thought her boyfriend's belief was absurd.

"She felt that it was ridiculous," Cote said.

The argument escalated, police said, and Gelderman decided not to spend the night at Gurman's apartment and instead went to her parents' home.

Later, the two continued arguing by exchanging text messages, Cote said.

Gelderman became concerned because Gurman had gotten so agitated, police said, and went to his apartment in an attempt to calm him down.

When Gelderman showed up, Gurman said he was sitting on the stairs holding his rifle.

"She tried to defuse the situation and calm him down and told him, 'Let's just go to bed,'" Cote said.

Gurman pointed the rifle and fired one round into the middle of Gelderman's back as she walked up the stairs, said police.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Man In The Hat. A New Dead War Series Short Story

Hi all. I know you are waiting for The Dead War Book 3: War and I promise it's coming. Until then two short stories will be released. The first is The Man In The Hat a short story based on a piece of flash fiction titled BELOVED that I wrote last month. You may remember it:


Grover looked on as the naked female zombie gnawed on the leg bone of her latest victim. Blood covered her entire body. Well what was left of it any way. Her abdomen had been ripped out and her entrails lay on the floor before her. One of her eyes had been torn out and her lips had been chewed off.

Grover sat quietly in the corner as the zombie soon realized that there was no more to eat. She looked over at Grover. She shrieked and lunged at him.

The chain around her neck yanked her back to the floor. Grover had long ago chained her there. She reached out towards him moaning softly.

Grover smiled. “ Still hungry beloved?”

The zombie moaned loudly and began yanking on the chain.

Grover stood up and put on the poor boy style hat he had been holding in his hands.“ I’ll go get you something else to eat.”

The zombie calmed down and sat as if it were a dog.

Grover looked at her lovingly. “ Till death do us part.”

He turned from her as tears rolled down her face. He started toward the door to getmore “food” for his beloved. THE END

So now I would like to introduce a new Dead War Series Short Story based on BELOVED, The man in the hat. The living dead are not the only monsters out there. 99 cents.