Sunday, July 29, 2012

Zombies protest hate church

Who knew zombies had a social conscience? All this time we thought they just wanted to eat us. The Westboro Baptist Church a church that targets military funerals was shouted down by a group of zombies while they tried to protest outside a DuPont, Wash. military base. Watch that video below:

Saturday, July 28, 2012

TDWS: Zombie Author Interview: Sharon Day Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse

TDWS: Tell us a little about you. Hobbies, schooling, favorite teams , etc.

Sharon Day: I'm Sharon Day, a popular blogger (Ghost Hunting Theories), I do urban exploration (photographing abandoned sites), and am a paranormal investigator.

TDWS: What inspired you to become a writer?

Sharon Day: I started storytelling as a kid and then it was a natural progression to write the stories. Early in school they pegged me as a writer and fashioned my education to major in it.

TDWS: Why write a zombie book?

Sharon Day: Even though I am a horror freak with a horror-based blog and write horror, I hadn't thought about doing a zombie book until I was hosting a zombie event online "Blogger Virtual Zombie Walk" and I decided to do photos of me as a zombie in an apocalyptic setting. My friend, Julie Ferguson, and I went to an abandoned ruined home and photographed as 1950s housewives still doing housekeeping even though we were zombies, as if our life was unchanged by the experience. Hence, a book idea was begun.

TDWS: What is the title of your most current book and what is it about?

Sharon Day: "Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse" (full color) The toxic bomb apocalypse of the 1950s didn't stop Stella and Liz. These housewives reanimated and continued their days as usual, only with a hunger for living flesh. Stella, the perfect housewife, continued her housekeeping in her zombie state and Liz, the drunken, slutty divorcee housewife, stirred up a Bloody Mary and fell into her usual stupor. This photo and resource book for all things zombie is a fun and playful look at the zombie-like existence of housewives through the ages and incorporates housewife tips and recipes, showcasing zombie artisans and listing lots of zombie resources for all those readers who love zombie-everything!

TDWS: Would you put your book more in the action, comedy, or horror category? Is there another category you would add?

Sharon Day: Social commentary/urban fantasy/humor

TDWS: What sets your book apart from the thousands of zombie books out there?

Sharon Day: It's the name and the premise that catch you first--of course traditional housewives are zombies! ( ) Then, you're amazed by the beautiful of the book and how it reads almost like the Internet. There's humor, narrative, photos and captions, zombie lovers references, everything. It's a new genre.

TDWS: What if anything do you want the reader to take from your book?

Sharon Day: Characters they identify, a world that doesn't exist, a concept that takes hold.

TDWS: Where is your book available?

Sharon Day: Amazon-paperback and at

TDWS: Where can you be contacted?

Sharon Day:

Prologue from The Dead War Series. Read for free.

PROLOGUEDeadWarSeries Iran

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Today's free zombie Kindle book: Same Dead World [Kindle Edition] Jason H. Bryan (Author), Jessica McNeil

In a world where all that's left is survival, what is the value of living?
William, a lone survivor in a world lost to the zombie apocalypse, is finding out that there is more to life than surviving.

What would most likely cause a zombie apocalypse?

What do you think would actually cause a zombie apocalypse? In my book The Dead War Series: Book 1 ( Yes that's a shameless plug ) the cause is believed to be a biological weapon. What else do you think could cause a zombie apocalypse?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

5 star review for Alone With The Dead

Check out the 5 star review for my short story "Alone With The Dead". I love this review because the reader got what I was going for with this story. George Cook author of Alone With The Dead.

5 star review for Alone With The Dead

5 star review for Alone With The Dead ( Amazon UK ) More than just a zombie story. 18 July 2012 By Cathy Hudson

I nabbed this while this was a freebie. I’ve never read anything by George L Cook before and was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually enjoyed this. The horror genre has zombie stories emerging from every orifice. However I found this to be more than just another gory shocker. This story centred on the love and strength of a little family unit caught up in a zombie invasion. The horror came from the emotions of the main character as he fought to get his wife and son to a place of safety against all odds. This was only a very short story, 15 minutes tops but I was still thinking about that poor man the next morning. I will be looking out for more from this writer.

Buy for 99 cent’s here: Amazon: Alone With The Dead

Amazon UK: Alone With The Dead UK

Friday, July 20, 2012

Christopher Nolan statement on Aurora Colorado sgootings.

The Dark Knight Rises Director Christopher Nolan has released a statement on the tragic shootings during a midnight screening of his film in Aurora Colorado:

read his statement below:

Speaking on behalf of the cast and crew of The Dark Knight Rises, I would like to express our profound sorrow at the senseless tragedy that has befallen the entire Aurora community. I would not presume to know anything about the victims of the shooting but that they were there last night to watch a movie. I believe movies are one of the great American art forms and the shared experience of watching a story unfold on screen is an important and joyful pastime. The movie theatre is my home, and the idea that someone would violate that innocent and hopeful place in such an unbearably savage way is devastating to me. Nothing any of us can say could ever adequately express our feelings for the innocent victims of this appalling crime, but our thoughts are with them and their families.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Do book or movie critics affect your buying choices?

Let me start of by saying that this is not about bashing critics. As a writer I want my book reviewed, preferably a positive review.

But I've always wondered especially when it comes to the horror, science fiction, erotica, or other niche genres do people pay attention to reviews. As fans of certain genres you actually get to a point where you don't expect these movies / book to get a positive review. That leads me to my question. Do critics affect your movie / book choices.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TDWS: Zombie Book of The Day: The Dead War Series

I have featured many other books as book of the day but today I am featuring my own. I am doing so because it's now only 99 cents. Check it out. George Cook author of The Dead War Series.

The US Army doesn't run from any enemy, living......or dead!

In the year 2053 the dead walked. Mankind was caught off guard at first but within six years mounted a massive military assault on the dead.

These are the stories of some of those men and women that fought back. These are the stories of some trying to find a “cure”. These are the stories of those that are just trying to survive the nightmare of the walking dead. These are the stories of those that caused The Dead War.

Monday, July 16, 2012

TDWS: Zombie Author Interview Dana Fredsti Plague Town: An Ashley Parker Novel.

TDWS: Tell us a little about you. Hobbies, schooling, favorite teams , etc.

Dana: Let's see...  schooling?  I graduated from Clairemont High in San Diego, which is actually the location of "Fast Times at Ridgemont High."  Cameron Crowe was undercover there my junior year and I knew a lot of the people he turned into characters. I'm not a sports fan, but I am a loyal Padre/Charger fan nonetheless. Just don't ask me to watch the games! As far as hobbies, I'm an avid reader (and luckily a fast one since my writing  cuts into my reading time), love to surf although I don't get out much since I moved to Northern California (big waves, cooooold water and... Great Whites right off the coast!), and I will walk miles and miles if I have the time.  I collect beach glass (imagine me hunkered over a big old pile of it like Smaug with his gold horde)... swordfight with my boyfriend, and am big into wine.  Wine enthusiast or wino?  Depends on who you're talking to.  Oh yeah, and zombies.  Love me my zombie movies, books and games.  They've been my monster of choice since I saw the original Dawn of the Dead on my very first movie date.

TDWS: What inspired you to become a writer?

Dana: I've always loved to write, ever since I was old enough to string words together.  My mom and sister have always encouraged me to read and to write, and although I had a slight deviation in my career path when I decided I wanted to be an actress, the writing just was and is more appealing. I like working in my pajamas.

TDWS: Why write a zombie book?

Dana: Several reasons.  1. I love zombies. They're my favorite monster and I'd already had three short stories in the genre published.  2. I was asked by Lori Perkins if I wanted to write a series that she summarized as "Buffy. but with zombies. And different."  Heck, yeah!

TDWS:  What is the title of your most current book and what is it about?

Dana: Plague Town: An Ashley Parker Novel.  I'm going to cheat and use the publisher's blurb to describe it:
Ashley was just trying to get through a tough day when the world turned upside down.

A terrifying virus appears, quickly becoming a pandemic that leaves its victims, not dead, but far worse. Attacked by zombies, Ashley discovers that she is a 'Wild-Card' -- immune to the virus -- and she is recruited to fight back and try to control the outbreak.

It's Buffy meets the Walking Dead in a rapid-fire zombie adventure!

TDWS:  Would you put your book more in the action, comedy, or horror category? Is there another category you would add?

Dana: I'd say it fits into all three categories you listed pretty much equally.  The second book, Plague Nation, is going to be a bit darker, but there will be plenty of action, humor and horror in it as well.  As far as another category, it has some elements of paranormal romance/urban fantasy, but the romance is not the main element of the story.

TDWS:  What sets your book apart from the thousands of zombie books out there?

Dana: Hmmm... I didn't realize there were thousands of zombie books out there, actually.  That's good news for me as a reader because I'm always looking for more in that genre.  As for what sets Plague Town apart, it does have more humor than a lot of them and it has a strong female protagonist. That's still relatively rare in the zombie genre.  Also, my heroine and a few of the other characters are immune to the zombie virus (although not immune to getting dismembered and eaten alive if they're not careful) and what I call "wild cards." Their senses/agility/strength are enhanced by the virus. We're not talking super hero type powers, mind you.  Just "better/faster/stronger" than your average person.

TDWS:  What if anything do you want the reader to take from your book?

Dana: I want them to be entertained. I'm not going for metaphors or social issues.  I'm going for pure entertainment. To quote a review at

Ultimately Plague Town is Dana Fredsti's love-letter to film and sci-fi geekdom, easy to pick-up, and fun to read. If you are looking for examinations of the human condition, or the fragile nature of civilisation: forget it, as you will be disappointed. If you are looking for an unabashed fun read that races along at a cracking pace, then this is for you.

TDWS:  Where is your book available?

Dana: Barnes and Noble (both brick and mortar and online), Amazon (available in paperback and Kindle), various local indie bookstores such as Borderlands in San Francisco, Dark Delicacies in Burbank, Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego and Newport Beach.  I strongly encourage people to buy from indie booksellers whenever possible, but I'm not going to complain wherever they choose to buy it.

TDWS:  Where can you be contacted?


I am delighted to hear from readers!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Video: Entire Comic-Con 2012 The Walking Dead Comic Panel

Writer Robert Kirkman and series artist Charlie Adlard answer burning questions about The Walking Dead during the first day of San Diego Comic-Con 2012.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Which one of these sci-fi / horror films was actually not that bad?

We have all been unable to sleep late at night and wound up channel surfing. Occasionally we come across a movie that we had always heard sucked. Because it's late at night and partly because we may be half drunk after watching the movie we think to ourselves, " That sh** wasn't that bad. ". And secretly we wind up liking the movie although many critics and sci-fi / horror fans hated it. Which of the movies below fit the description of "actually not that bad". Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

TDWS Zombie Author Interview Of The Week: Kelly Hudson The Turning

Kelly Hudson Author of The Turning

TDWS:  Tell us a little about you. Hobbies, schooling, favorite teams , etc.
Kelly: I love to read, watch movies (love movies!), and do all sorts of nerdy things.  I love the Kentucky Wildcats in just about all sports.  Go Big Blue!  It is like a religion back home in Kentucky, where I come from, and it's as much a part of me as breathing.  I grew up in Kentucky and dearly miss it.  One day I will move back.

TDWS:  What inspired you to become a writer?

Kelly: I don't know.  I guess it was always a part of me.  I made up all sorts of fantastical stories as a kid when I played with my toys and I suppose it just carried on from there.  I've always had my nose in a book, a comic book, or some sort of magazine.  I worked hard at it in college but lost my desire somewhere along the way.  About ten years ago, the bug bit me again and I haven't looked back.

TDWS:  Why write a zombie book?

Kelly: Honestly, Night of the Living Dead is my favorite movie of all time and, when I was given the chance to write a zombie novel for possible publication, I couldn't see why not.  My only problem was this desire I had to bring something new to the genre.  When I couldn't come up with a twist, I didn't know what to do.  I didn't want to write just another zombie book.  And then it occurred to me:  Fall back on your love of Night of the Living Dead.  What was the first thing I did after I watched that movie?  I thought about what I'd do, right then and there, if a zombie apocalypse broke out.  So I decided to start my novel that way, exactly:  What would I do?  It wrote itself after that.

TDWS: What is the title of your most current book and what is it about?

Kelly: I am actually close to finishing a werewolf novel.  I always wanted to write one but, again, I wanted to put some kind of twist on the genre.  Well, I didn't do that, but I did come up with what I thought was an interesting angle.  I know the title, but I don't want to give it away yet.

TDWS: Would you put your book more in the action, comedy, or horror category? Is there another category you would add?

Kelly: The zombie book is horror.  There is action, there is some comedy, but it is horror.  Same with the werewolf book.

TDWS: What sets your book apart from the thousands of zombie books out there?

Kelly: I think it's got some good characters.  Not to say other books don't, but mine isn't so concerned with armies and mercenaries and blowing zombie heads to smithereens.  (There is plenty of gore, though, never fear!)  It is concerned with one guy and his quest to survive.  An ordinary guy.  He's no killing machine.  He's just a passive, nerdy guy, thrown into a bad, bad situation.  And then it gets worse for him.

TDWS: What if anything do you want the reader to take from your book?

Kelly: If it can entertain, if it can take the reader away from their lives for a little while, then I am more than thrilled.  I love getting lost in a book.  If what I've written can do that for you, then I am pleased.

TDWS: Where is your book available?

Kelly: At The Turning, by Kelly M. Hudson.  You can get it on Kindle or print.  Also on Barnes and Noble. The Kindle version is the cheapest, most affordable version, and you get it right away, so I'd suggest it.  But there is a link to the print version on the Kindle page, as well.

TDWS: Where can you be contacted?

Kelly: The best place to reach me is at my website All my email, Facebook, and Twitter account addresses are there, as well as links to the stuff I've had published.

Thanks again, George!  Really appreciate it!

Kelly M. Hudson

Alone with the Dead. Could you kill a loved one to keep a promise to them?

Hi this is George Cook and I would like to introduce my latest short story, Alone with the Dead.

This story ask a very simple question. Could you keep a promise to a loved one even if it involved killing them. Could you keep that promise whether they were alive or dead?

Here's an excerpt from the very beginning of Alone with the Dead:

John’s hands shook violently as he sat alone in the corner of the dark room. He tried to stop them. He tried to wipe of the blood on them with his shirt. It just wouldn’t seem to go away no matter how hard he wiped.

He mumbled constantly to himself as tears poured from his eyes. He had told his family that it would be alright. He had told them that they could make it across the street to the car if they all stayed together and moved quickly.

He was wrong.

Buy Alone with the Dead for your Amazon Kindle for $1 HERE

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What's the most ignored warning in horror and scifi stories / movies

When it comes to many horror and science fiction movies and or stories there's always that moment when someone no matter how intelligent does something incredibly stupid. They do something that normally unleashes death and mayhem when if they had only listened to someone's warning everyone would have went home safely that night. But of course then there would be no story or movie. What do you think is the most ignored horror / sci fi movie / story warning?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Entrepreneur wants to raise the undead with zombie theme park

Marc Siwak is betting big on zombies – and he thinks he knows how to monetize the undead, too.

Mr. Siwak is an entrepreneur in Detroit with, well, a crazy-sounding idea. His company, Z World Detroit LLC. – a “broad-based effort composed of like-minded, creative professionals” – is raising funds to transform one of Detroit’s many abandoned neighbourhoods into a zombie theme park, emulating the doomsday scenarios depicted in various video games and movies on a massive, real-life scale.

To say the plan is ambitious is something of an understatement, and there’s bound to be no shortage of political red tape – but you can read Mr. Siwak’s plan in full, and even donate to the group’s $145,000 goal on Z World Detroit’s Indiegogo page here.

Monday, July 2, 2012

TDWS Zombie Author Interview with Ian Woodhead: Unwashed Dead

TDWS:  Tell us a little about you. Hobbies, schooling, favorite teams , etc.

Ian Woodhead: I’m not sure I have a hobby anymore. For the past two years, all I’ve been thinking about is writing. Not much else gets a look in. Well, okay, some stuff does get kinda lodged in the old noggin. Take the new Prometheus, for example, I’m so looking forward to seeing that one. Oh yeah, I am a major sci-fi geek – and proud.

TDWS:  What inspired you to become a writer?

Ian Woodhead: Inspired? I’m not too sure you could call it that. Twenty-four years ago, I got the absolute shit kicked and punched out of me on my way home. I woke up in hospital two weeks later and suddenly I found myself listening to metal and reading horror books. For two years, I read every horror book I could find! It only seemed to be a natural progression to ‘have a go’ Well, I had a go, found that I couldn’t write for toffee and promptly forgot about the whole Endeavour. Twenty years later, I tried again and something inside just clicked. Now, I can’t stop.

TDWS:  Why write a zombie book?

Ian Woodhead: Oh, that’s an easy one to answer! Dawn of the Dead was the ONLY horror movie that terrified me. Okay, I did see this on the big screen bit in 1980 when I was only 11 but that’s beside the point. Or maybe it is? Do you remember what the horror movies were like, back in the days of old? You know, before we were all anaesthetized with seamless CGI?
I mean, the effects in the original movie were, at the time, just incredible. There were two scenes that will always stick in the mind there’s…. Oh wait! Let me just paint you the picture first.
Okay, here we go. Now over here, in England, we have these semi-private clubs called Working Men’s Clubs. There’s not that many of them around anymore but back when I was a kid, It’s where you went after weddings, funerals, you had birthday parties there, went to play bingo, go see stand up, local bands, hell, you name it.

They also played movies.

Looking back, I’m not entirely sure they were licensed or anything.

So, anyway. The week before my mum and dad took us in and we sat down and all enjoyed Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Or course, I wanted to go the next week, I was 11, we had no million TV channels or Facebook back then. Well, my parents couldn’t take me but the neighbours did.

So, there I was drinking my coke and the movie started. It all seemed a bit confusing until I watched this zombie rip out a piece of human neck! I was like OMG! Is this for real? (I didn’t say OMG, think of an 80’s equivalent without swear words.)

Well, I not sure how I was able to stay and watch the movie, I’m guessing the neighbours were too engrossed to move.

So, yeah, the first and only horror movie to scare the shit out of me. It obviously left a lasting impression.

TDWS:  What is the title of your most current book and what is it about?

Ian Woodhead: You mean, what am I working on? Er, let’s see. There’s Duplicity and Rags and Bones and Chemical Flowers and Human Filth.

As this is a zombie interview, I’ll skip straight to Human Filth. This is part four of my ZA series. Unlike the other three that all were set at the same time, involving different characters for each book, this one is set exactly one year later. We’ll meat up with the survivors from the first three stories and found out what has happened to them after twelve months.

TDWS:  Would you put your book more in the action, comedy, or horror category? Is there another category you would add?

Ian Woodhead: Horror.

TDWS:  What sets your book apart from the thousands of zombie books out there?

Ian Woodhead: The protagonist in the Unwashed Dead is a burglar, living on a working class estate in the north of England. He’s no hero, never fired a shotgun and certainly has no idea how to cope when the outbreak sweeps through his neighbourhood. He’s deeply flawed, indecisive, makes mistakes, he’s not exactly your typical hero. I think that typifies most of the folk that appear in my stories.

TDWS:  What if anything do you want the reader to take from your book?

Ian Woodhead: I would like the readers to enjoy my stories and hope that they enjoy them enough to continue reading them.

TDWS:  Where is your book available?

Ian Woodhead: Here -

And here -

TDWS: Where can you be contacted?

Ian Woodhead: I’m generally hanging around on Facebook, look me up!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Free Zombie Book Of The Day. The Dead Tide A.D. Bloom

The Hong Kong rioters rose to feed on the soldiers that shot them, and from there it spread. The dead marched across Asia, Europe, and Africa while the populations of the uninfected continents watched on TV and prayed the hungry horde couldn't walk across the bottom of the ocean.

Like everyone else, Omar thought about what he would do if the dead came ashore. When the undying hell that felled three continents finally reaches the California coast, Omar finds that if he wants to be a survivor like he planned, first he has to embrace the horror that remains standing after what's human dies.