Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Transcript: Interview with Berserker Virus creator, Dr Ariza

Transcript: Meeting between Dr Ariza creator of the Berserker  Virus and General Hollis US Army

Date: September 21,  2054

Time: 0400 hours ( 4AM )

Hollis: I'm sorry about the attack on you. Are you okay?

Ariza: I think I am. I'm scared to be here in this base. If your men are going to try to kill me I would rather be outside with the dead.

Hollis: Lady you should be scared to be anywhere. You created the reason we are here. You created the Berserker Virus.

Ariza: Oh so it's okay for your men to try to kill me?

Hollis: No and it wont happen again. I will assign a soldier to protect you.

Ariza: One of your men will kill me. Hell, one already tried.

Hollis: It wont be one of mine. It will be a scout. They are special forces and they follow orders. I don't want you dead and right now I need you alive.

Ariza: What do you want?

Hollis: I want to know why my men are fighting the dead and why the fuck the world is about to end.

Ariza: You know why. The Berserker Virus.

Hollis: I read the files and I don't understand how this shit spread. The virus was supposed to make opposing soldiers kill each other.  I thought the virus killed the host in two hours. It's obvious this did not happen.

Ariza: The original virus was a  combination of a nerve agent and a virus. It would cause an immediate reaction to those exposed to it like a nerve gas and through their bodily fluids spread like a virus to others. Once exposed  a subject only had two hours to live. In theory when used in the right settings an opposing force would wipe itself out in a matter of hours.

Hollis: What happened Doctor?

Ariza: There is some evidence that some of the virus was used in Iran against the rebels during their war. Early on through carelessness Iranian Special Forces were exposed. These special forces troops had been administered some type of experimental drug that was supposed to protect them from any biological weapons.

Hollis: Did it work?

Ariza: No, but it kept them alive for days longer than they should have lived. It also slowed the onset on the beserker effect.  This allowed them to leave the war zones and enter into cities and towns where they spread the virus when it finally did hit them. In the passing of the virus from the troops who had the experimental drug to those without it I believe the virus mutated into a form that no longer killed the host.

Hollis: Do you have any idea what the Iranians gave there soldiers?

Ariza: I can't say for sure but we know there are some drugs that inhibited earlier biological weapons and we believe a combination of those were used along with something new.

Hollis: Dr. Ariza, can you find a way to stop the spread of this virus.

Ariza: As one of the few alive that actually know how it works I believe that given time I can.

Hollis: Lady humanity doesn't have too much time left. Find a way to stop this shit and find it now.

Ariza: I will work as hard as I can General Hollis. I feel I owe the world that.

Hollis: Fuck you and what you feel you owe. You will find a way to stop this and save humanity or I will shoot you myself. Understood.

Ariza: Yes

Holllis: Good, have a nice day.


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