Saturday, January 7, 2012

Military Tactic: THE LINE


During the story in The Dead War Series Trilogy " The Line " is mentioned during the battle scenes.

The Line when done correctly is a simple and brutally effective way of pushing back the dead and eliminating the threat.

The Line itself is actually two lines. The first line is made up of soldiers with their MC30 laser rifles who move slowly forward while taking out the dead. The second line follow with their laser pistols in hand taking care of any of the dead the first line did not finish off.

When the first line runs low on "ammo" they drop behind the second line which goes to their rifles and continues the advance as the original first line reloads their rifles and then cleans up the dead with their laser pistols.

This can continue for as long as needed as long as the soldiers have enough clips to fight on. Each fully charged MC30 clip holds 250 shots and the pistols 100. Each soldier carries 10 MC-30 clips and 10 pistol clips.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Origins of the walking dead in The Dead War Series Trilogy.

The walking dead of the Dead War Series are known as "Grays". They are the slow lumbering type and are "killed" only by destroyed the brain.

Strength varies among the walking dead. While those that have been re-animated for a time tend to get weaker those freshly turned tend to be relatively strong as their muscle is still intact and they have not yet begun to decompose.


While no one can be 100% sure most scientist track the origin of the virus back to the illegal "Beserker" nerve gas used by Iran on it's on citizens during a civil war in 2052. No one knew who created the gas and no one was rushing to claim it either.

The gas had the effect of driving it's victims insane and causing them to attack one another until all were dead. The rage was so strong that some bodies were known to continue moving for up to an hour even after they were dead.

It is believed that those animated bodies came into contact with the living and infected them. Most likely through a bite. At that point after entering the blood stream the dead's saliva containing elements of the Beserker gas mutated into what has become called " The Beserker Virus". This virus brought the bitten victims back to life with an insatiable need to feed on the living.

While again no one can be sure of this it is the most believed and substantiated theory to date.