Monday, November 19, 2012

5 Questions from The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 306 'Hounded'

WARNING! Minor spoilers ahead. If you haven't seen The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 306 'Hounded' turn back now! You have been warned.

First off episode 306 Hounded was a very good episode except with any scene containing the character of Andrea. The episode left me with quite a few questions.

* Can Andrea have any worse taste in men? First Shane and now The Governor.

* Is Rick finished being bat shit crazy with those beginning to become annoying phone calls?

* Doesn't Glenn know to shoot Merle first and to trust him later?

* Where the fuck has Carol been? Was she hiding in that closet the whole time?

* I guess it was the zombie guts Michonne got all over her earlier in the episode is why the walkers avoided her. I know that's more of an observation than a question bu hey it's my blog.

Check in next week for another 5 questions.

George Cook