Sunday, October 21, 2012

The vampires of The Dead War Series

Hi this is George Cook. If you have read The Dead War Series Book Two: Abomination you know that vampires have been introduced into The Dead War Series world. Here is some more information about The Dead war vampires.

The vampires of The Dead War Series are another form of humanoid that needs human blood to survive. They are not dead and they are not immortal. They do not have the ability to "glamour" or hypnotize humans. They can not transform into other forms such as bats.

Sunlight is lethal to them but in The Dead War World of blackened and burning skies the sunlight is not a worry to them.

They do have the ability to regenerate from injuries and wounds as long as they have enough time to do so.

They can be killed by the traditional methods of staking or beheading but will also die after sustaining excessive and continuous damage to their bodies. The regenerating process can not keep up with their wounds in those circumstances.

The vampires do age but at a slower pace than humans with their average lifespan being 100-150 years from their date of "transformation".

Crucifixes, Holy Water, and sacred ground have no effect on them. They may enter churches and even touch crosses.

A vampire is 3-4 times stronger than an average man and twice as fast. They have very good hearing and extremely good eyesight, especially in the dark.

Until the events of the Dead War the vampires remained hidden in the shadows. Some dispute that and point to a supposed second treaty of Versailles dated 2010 that some say is a treaty between humans and vampires. Very little is known of their culture other than it seems that they have a militaristic hierarchy.

More about the vampires will be learned as The Dead War continues.