Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dead War Flash Fiction: Transformation

The bites hurt like hell.

Brandon sobbed heavily as blood poured from the three bites on his left arm as he lay with his back up against the wall.

Brandon screamed loudly as he kicked away the dead corpse near his feet. He had bashed the damn things head in with a baseball bat. Sadly he had been bitten before he could get the infected woman off of him.

Brandon screamed out even louder as a black ooze began to flow from his wounds. He could feel his body beginning to convulse. He was becoming one of those things. He was becoming one of the walking dead.

Brandon's whole life began to flash before his eyes as his body convulsed violently. Brandon began to throw up bile and blood as he thrashed around. He shut his eyes as his screams grew louder.

Suddenly his body stopped moving. The pain was gone. Brandon opened his eyes. He no longer saw colors. Everything was in black and white.

He moaned softly. He no longer cared about anything. He only wanted to eat. He only wanted human flesh.

He had become one of the walking dead.