Sunday, July 8, 2012

TDWS Zombie Author Interview Of The Week: Kelly Hudson The Turning

Kelly Hudson Author of The Turning

TDWS:  Tell us a little about you. Hobbies, schooling, favorite teams , etc.
Kelly: I love to read, watch movies (love movies!), and do all sorts of nerdy things.  I love the Kentucky Wildcats in just about all sports.  Go Big Blue!  It is like a religion back home in Kentucky, where I come from, and it's as much a part of me as breathing.  I grew up in Kentucky and dearly miss it.  One day I will move back.

TDWS:  What inspired you to become a writer?

Kelly: I don't know.  I guess it was always a part of me.  I made up all sorts of fantastical stories as a kid when I played with my toys and I suppose it just carried on from there.  I've always had my nose in a book, a comic book, or some sort of magazine.  I worked hard at it in college but lost my desire somewhere along the way.  About ten years ago, the bug bit me again and I haven't looked back.

TDWS:  Why write a zombie book?

Kelly: Honestly, Night of the Living Dead is my favorite movie of all time and, when I was given the chance to write a zombie novel for possible publication, I couldn't see why not.  My only problem was this desire I had to bring something new to the genre.  When I couldn't come up with a twist, I didn't know what to do.  I didn't want to write just another zombie book.  And then it occurred to me:  Fall back on your love of Night of the Living Dead.  What was the first thing I did after I watched that movie?  I thought about what I'd do, right then and there, if a zombie apocalypse broke out.  So I decided to start my novel that way, exactly:  What would I do?  It wrote itself after that.

TDWS: What is the title of your most current book and what is it about?

Kelly: I am actually close to finishing a werewolf novel.  I always wanted to write one but, again, I wanted to put some kind of twist on the genre.  Well, I didn't do that, but I did come up with what I thought was an interesting angle.  I know the title, but I don't want to give it away yet.

TDWS: Would you put your book more in the action, comedy, or horror category? Is there another category you would add?

Kelly: The zombie book is horror.  There is action, there is some comedy, but it is horror.  Same with the werewolf book.

TDWS: What sets your book apart from the thousands of zombie books out there?

Kelly: I think it's got some good characters.  Not to say other books don't, but mine isn't so concerned with armies and mercenaries and blowing zombie heads to smithereens.  (There is plenty of gore, though, never fear!)  It is concerned with one guy and his quest to survive.  An ordinary guy.  He's no killing machine.  He's just a passive, nerdy guy, thrown into a bad, bad situation.  And then it gets worse for him.

TDWS: What if anything do you want the reader to take from your book?

Kelly: If it can entertain, if it can take the reader away from their lives for a little while, then I am more than thrilled.  I love getting lost in a book.  If what I've written can do that for you, then I am pleased.

TDWS: Where is your book available?

Kelly: At The Turning, by Kelly M. Hudson.  You can get it on Kindle or print.  Also on Barnes and Noble. The Kindle version is the cheapest, most affordable version, and you get it right away, so I'd suggest it.  But there is a link to the print version on the Kindle page, as well.

TDWS: Where can you be contacted?

Kelly: The best place to reach me is at my website All my email, Facebook, and Twitter account addresses are there, as well as links to the stuff I've had published.

Thanks again, George!  Really appreciate it!

Kelly M. Hudson