Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Entrepreneur wants to raise the undead with zombie theme park

Marc Siwak is betting big on zombies – and he thinks he knows how to monetize the undead, too.

Mr. Siwak is an entrepreneur in Detroit with, well, a crazy-sounding idea. His company, Z World Detroit LLC. – a “broad-based effort composed of like-minded, creative professionals” – is raising funds to transform one of Detroit’s many abandoned neighbourhoods into a zombie theme park, emulating the doomsday scenarios depicted in various video games and movies on a massive, real-life scale.

To say the plan is ambitious is something of an understatement, and there’s bound to be no shortage of political red tape – but you can read Mr. Siwak’s plan in full, and even donate to the group’s $145,000 goal on Z World Detroit’s Indiegogo page here.