Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Walking Dead: Who do you hate more Lori or Carl?

Every TV show has characters you love and others you hope get hit by a truck. The Walking Dead is no exception. In my opinion it happens to feature two of the most annoying characters on television.

One would be Rick's son Carl. He has got to be the dumbest kid on television since Jack Bauer's daughter, Kim on 24. Carl just wont stay the fu** in the house and gets into all kinds of trouble as well as gets others in trouble.

Lori on the other hand is a very confused individual. She basically get's all Machiavellian and tells Rick to get rid of Shane and then freaks out when she finds out Rick killed Shane.WTF! Make up your damned mind.

So which one do you find more annoying and want to see "zombified"? Lori or Carl?