Sunday, June 3, 2012

TDWS: Zombie Book Of The Day, Texas Biker Zombies from Outer Space by Etienne Guerin DeForest

“Texas Biker Zombies From Outer Space” is a choose your own adventure style book that takes advantage of the E-Book’s ability to hyperlink. It was intentionally designed to give the reader an interactive experience using the advantages over print that E-Books allow.

“Texas Biker Zombies” revolves around the main character, nicknamed “Camaro Steve” who manages to wake up in the middle of a zombie outbreak. He’s a misogynistic, anti-authority, coked up, ultra violent, sadistic, antihero that gets killed off 95% of the time for being a complete jerk.

The book pokes fun at racism, sexism, socioeconomics, and religion in a casual/offensive way. And if you’re easily offended you will be horrified by this book. So don’t buy it if you’re a whiny bish!