Sunday, June 17, 2012

TDWS: Author Interview of The week. Todd Brown: Dead Winter

TDWS: Tell us a little about you. Hobbies, schooling, favorite teams , etc.

Todd: I am an avid football fan and support my Seattle Seahawks no matter how abysmal they may be each year. Football is a religion in my house, and that means about a dozen fantasy football leagues each year in addition to watching games all day on Sunday and supplementing it with a handful of college games during the week. I play guitar and have been in a few bands (although I am a much more talented lead singer than I am a guitarist). I like working with my Border Collie...teaching her little tricks or just taking a walk to clear my head.

TDWS: What inspired you to become a writer?

Todd: I've just always loved it. I enjoy telling a story, and if I can make people feel real emotions for characters who only live on paper...that is the ultimate rush.

TDWS: Why write a zombie book?

Todd: Actually, I had my mind set on something more mainstream until a college writing instructor pulled me up after class. I'd done a zombie short for fun...just to see if I could get away with it. She told me that I had to pursue the genre because my love for it showed in the writing.

TDWS: What is the title of your most current book and what is it about?

Todd: Dead: Winter just released on May 30th. It is the fourth book in the DEAD series and starts a new story arc in the saga. (The series is scheduled to be 12 books long.) It picks up a few weeks after where Dead: Fortunes & Failures leaves off. The first winter is settling in and the survivors are finding out that zombies may be the least of their worries. I do introduce a few new characters, including a young lady named Valarie who has Down's Syndrome and a man in Egypt who declares himself the new pharaoh. It is bleak, dreary, and not full of too much in the way of happiness.

TDWS: Would you put your book more in the action, comedy, or horror category? Is there another category you would add?

Todd: My DEAD series and Zomblog series are both in the horror/action realm. However, I do have something in the works titled That Ghoul Ava which will be more of a horror/comedy.

TDWS: What sets your book apart from the thousands of zombie books out there?

I believe that the DEAD series is very heavy on characters. It is more about the human experience. While it certainly has plenty of the zombie action, it focuses on how the survivors deal with survival. Not everybody plays nice and a lot of people take advantage of the sudden lack of law and order. Also, the DEAD books are presented in a rotating chapter format. There is Steve's story; told in first person, it follows one man and his slowly growing band of survivors -- The Geeks; four guys who thought that a zombie apocalypse would be cool, and they quickly discover that it is not. -- The Vignettes; these are a series of snapshots and shorter peeks into some stories that give an idea how bad things are all over the world. There are around 40 characters in the DEAD series making it very character heavy. Also, with 12 books scheduled, it is one of the longer series.

TDWS: What if anything do you want the reader to take from your book?

Todd: I just want them to be entertained. If I can make them laugh or cry...or get mad...(at the events, not my writing) then I call that a success.

TDWS: Where is your book available?

Todd: All of my stuff is available on Amazon. The best place to check out what I have, as well as any anthologies that I have edited is my Amazon Author's page.

TDWS: Where can you be contacted?

@maydecpub on Twitter or May December Publications on Facebook

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