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TDWS Author Interview: John Obrien New World Order: Taken

TDWS: Tell us a little about you. Hobbies, schooling, favorite teams , etc.

John: There's not really much to tell.  I enjoy the outdoors tremendously so when there's not too much of the liquid sunshine coming down, that's where I like to be.  When the sun is out, I have a difficult time staying at the keyboard and writing.  When it's nice out, I enjoy throwing the kayak in the water and exploring the islands in the Puget Sound, taking my road bike out and pedaling down the scenic roads, or taking the mountain bikes out with my son.  There's also just cruising around in the Jeep with the top down and the music up.

I graduated from Oregon State seemingly a lifetime ago with a Bachelor's in Business Management and proceeded to do everything except business - Air Force, Firefighter/EMT, IT executive, writer.  Yep, that degree came in handy.  I mostly only follow the NFL and, get ready folks, I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan.  Yeah, I probably lost quite a few of you right there.  Probably should have put this question at the end.  I've been a Cowboy fan since I was five.

Again, there's not really much to tell.  I am currently settled out in the country close to the south end if the Puget Sound in the state of Washington.  The scenic views here just cannot be beat.

TDWS: What inspired you to become a writer?

John: I have had this story running in my head in different version for a number of years.  I felt it was just wanting to get out and be told so I sat down at the keyboard one day and haven't left it.  I enjoy writing and the story just takes off when my fingers start poking around on the keyboard.  I am an avid reader and it's nice to be on the other side as well.

TDWS:  Why write a zombie book?

John: I am very much into the survival aspect and daydream from time to time about different survival situations.  Throwing zombies into the mix ups the ante to a considerable degree and takes the survival of a post-apocalyptic world to an extreme; it's no longer just about shelter, food, and water.

TDWS:  What is the title of your most current book and what is it about?

John: A New World: Taken

Its the fourth book in the series, A New World, which is a post-apocalyptic horror/thriller survival series.  Written in the first person perspective, it takes you into a world of survival through the eyes of Jack Walker.  The first moments and dawning recognition that something isn't right.  The reader learns what is happening at the same time Jack does.  It's a realistic look at surviving in the aftermath of a world-wide traumatic event, at least in my opinion.

TDWS:  Would you put your book more in the action, comedy, or horror category? Is there another category you would add?

John: I would say it is more in the action/thriller genre.

TDWS:  What sets your book apart from the thousands of zombie books out there?

John: The series is written in the first person present tense.  I think the timeline of the books is one of the things that sets it apart.  The first four books take you only about three months into the apocalyptic event.  Also, the zombies aren't really zombies but more of a genetically altered/mutated species.

TDWS:  What if anything do you want the reader to take from your book?

John: I just want the reader to walk away having enjoyed the story and for it to have allowed a moment of relaxation away from the day-to-day stresses of the world.

TDWS:  Where is your book available?

John: The series is available on Amazon, B&N, Sony, iTunes, and Smashwords

A New World: Chaos

A New World: Return

A New World: Sanctuary

A New World: Taken

TDWS:  Where can you be contacted?

John: Facebook


Web site


John O'Brien
Author of A New World: Chaos, A New World: Return, A New World: Sanctuary and
A New World: Taken
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