Saturday, June 23, 2012

Are there too many zombie books out there?

Now this question may seem blasphemous to those of us that love the zombie genre. But even we have to admit that there is an extremely large amount of zombie books with the rise of the Kindle and the Nook as well as other e-readers out there.

At the time of this posting a search of Amazon for zombies will bring up 56,602 choices. At Barnes and Noble the amount is much smaller at 1274.

That's over 56,000 zombie books for sale out there on sale for the 2 biggest e-readers alone. Some have started to complain that there is a glut of zombie books out there and they all basically tell the same story.

There are now reviewers that although they review horror don't want to read another zombie book. On many horror message boards it seems as if everyone is as tired of zombies as they were of vampires last year.

I believe that while the genre can be limiting it can also lead to some great and exciting stories. I also believe that every book including my own opus The Dead War Series: Book 1 ( yes that's a shameless plug ) doesn't have to be a literary masterpiece to be a fun read.

I think there are always more room for zombie books and my Kindle is full of them. What do you think? Are there too many zombie books out there?