Wednesday, May 23, 2012

TDWS: Zombie Book Of The Day 05/53/12 "Contagion"

Here is the initial TDWS ( The Dead War Series ) Zombie Book Of The Day. If you want your book featured just tweet it to us with the author's name and book title or email it to me at  The book must be available at Amazon to be posted. Books will be posted in the order they are recieved. They will be posted from 6:AM until 6AM Eastern Time.

Today,s Book: Contagion by L.I. Albemont

Product Description

A small mountain town is isolated by a snowstorm as an ancient evil, gone pandemic, turns the residents into the living dead. Almost overnight the town becomes a snowy tomb of the roaming, hungry infected. Stranded by the weather, hiding, a small group of survivors follows the progress of the disease as society around them and around the world begins to break down. Determined to escape, they find that the normal rules of civilization don’t apply anymore. Will they be able to adapt to this strange, hungry new world?