Saturday, May 26, 2012

The pros and cons of using a baseball bat during a zombie apocalypse.

If there ever is a zombie apocalypse many things will be running through our minds. First and foremost the overwhelming majority of us will be thinking about self preservation and the safety of our families. To those of you questioning why I put self preservation before the safety of loved ones it's because a dead person can't protect anyone.

Now the most logical thing to do is to find a secure building and just stay the fuck there. But us being human at some point and time some one will need food and water.

That means going outside. That means you will have to defend yourself against the hordes of the dead. Now unless you have one of those neighbors who has been waiting his whole life for a zombie apocalypse and has secretly stashed enough weapons to fight World War III you probably wont have access to many firearms. That means you will be relying on blunt objects to eliminate the dead.

The baseball bat is very common in many households as a sporting accessory or as a cheap security system. It also will get the job done against a slow moving target and we all know that the dead wont be winning any 100 yard dashes anytime soon.

With that in mind as a service to TDWS readers I have decided to list the pros and cons of the baseball bat as a zombie killing weapon.


* Ease of use. If you need instructions on how to use it you wont be alive long anyway.

* Doesn't need to be reloaded.

* Light weight. Wont slow you down if you have to haul ass.

* Available in most department and sporting goods stores.


* Requires you to be relatively close to zombie attackers.

* Normally requires more than one swing to take out the dead.

* Sucks against multiple attackers.

* Don't miss! A miss or an over swing can lead to an entire side of your body being exposed.

* Will eventually break or if aluminum, bend.

In Conclusion.

So in closing my professional zombie killing opinion is that it's not the best of weapons but will do the job in a pinch.

George L. Cook III author of The Dead War Series: Book 1